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Start Point

Palace at Al Kharid, near the bank.


  • None

Required Items

  • - Ash
  • - Soft clay
  • - 3x Balls of wool
  • - 3x Beer
  • - Yellow dye or 2 onions and 5 coins
  • - Bucket of water or jug of water
  • - Pot of flour
  • - Bronze bar
  • - Rope (can be bought during the quest for 18 coins or 4 balls of wool)
  • - Redberries
  • - Pink skirt
  • - 100x coins


  • Difficulty: Beginner.
  • Length: Short.
  • Amulet of Glory (Draynor Village & Al Kharid)
  • Ring of Dueling (Al Kharid)


  • 3 Quest Points,
  • 700 coins,
  • Free passage through the Lumbridge - Al Kharid toll gate,
  • Access to the Sorceress's Garden Thieving minigame.


1. Talk to Hassan, he asks you to talk to Osman, in front of Palace.

2. Osman will tell you to find and speak to his daughter Leela, who can be found strolling east of Draynor Village

3. Rub ur dingus. We are going to Draynor Village.

4. Talk to Leela.

  • dialog interface:

5. Now if you look west from where you are standing, you should see the door to Ned's house. Ask Ned to make you a wig - get the wig made from the balls of wool.

If you do not already have the rope at this point, Ned make you one for three balls of wool or you can buy one from him with coins.

  • dialog interface:

6. Once you have the wig and rope, go into the house just west of Ned's, and ask Aggie (the witch) to make you skin paste.

We also need yellow dye to dye the wig. If you do not already have the dye, you can ask her to make it for you, requiring two onions and five coins. After she make one for you. Use yellow dye on a Wig.

  • dialog interface:

7. Go in to the jail east of Draynor, and talk to Lady Keli:

8. After talk, back to Al Kharid (You can use ring of dueling or glory for fast travel)

9. Run to Osman (the one in front of palace) and talk with him.

10. Back to Draynor Village (or use fast travel) and talk to Leela. She give you bronze key.

11. Go to Jail and talk to Joe and offer him a drink.

12. If you get him drunk you will be informed about it:

13. Use the rope on Lady Keli:


14. Now use the bronze key on the cell door, then talk to Prince Ali.

  • He will use the disguise and escape:

15. Back to Hassan to complete the quest:

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