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Scorpion Catcher

The sorcerer Thormac is looking for help in finding his lost pet scorpions. Perhaps if you help him out, he might put his skill at enchanting to use for you…



  • 31 Prayer


  • Alfred Grimhand's Bar Crawl (Miniquest)plugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigAlfred Grimhand's Bar Crawl

    (...or..Want to get into the Barbarian Agility Training Course? Here's how!)


    Have you found yourself blocked by Barbarians when trying to enter their precious agility course?

    Well, we can't have that now, can we!?!

Required Items:

  • Dusty Key (only if you don't have 70+ Agility; obtainable during quest)


  • 70+ Agility
  • If lacking 70 Agility, some combat gear and protection from dragonfire
  • 2-3 Camelot teleports and/or teleports near Thormac's tower (Combat bracelet to Range guild, Fairy ring B L R, or Ardougne teleport)
  • Teleport to Barbarian Outpost (Games necklace)
  • Teleport to Monastery (Combat bracelet) or Edgeville (Amulet of glory or Ancient spellbook)
  • Some food and combat gear for navigating Taverley dungeon if you're low combat level

Starting out

To begin, make your way to the Sorcerer's Tower (map location pictured below), and climb to the top to find Thormac.

Ask about assisting him, and he'll task you with finding his missing Kharid Scorpions. (Asking about a reward has no meaningful impact on the quest or reward.) Make sure you keep the Scorpion cage he gives you, you need it for the entire rest of the quest (you will not lose progress if the cage is lost at some point, simply return to Thormac for it).

Now, make your way to Seers' Village, and speak with any of the generic Seer NPCs wandering around (only the ones named 'Seer' will work). Ask him either about the scorpions or Thormac and he will eventually tell you the location of the first scorpion. You cannot open the door to where this scorpion is before completing this dialogue.


Make your way to the entrance to the Taverley Dungeon, a ladder located just south of the town. If you have 70+ Agility, simply squeeze through the pipe and continue south. If you have 80+ Agility, you can take the even better shortcut just north and west of the ladder instead. If neither, read the next paragraph.

If you lack 70 Agility, you now need to get a Dusty key to continue to the deeper parts of the dungeon. Follow the path through the dungeon until you come to a room with bridges, magma, and chaos dwarves. Do not take the bridge but instead continue south to a large hall with many Black knights. Pass through the large doors to the south and then proceed directly east, you will come to a jail area. Kill the Jailer NPC here (he should pose no threat unless you're extremely low combat level), and take the key he drops. Open the door to the cell containing Velrak the explorer and talk to him. Ask him about places to explore, and he will give you a Dusty key. Make your way back to the room with bridges and chaos dwarves, and cross over to reach a door to an area with blue dragons. Continue through here and south.

Past the room with baby blue dragons, make your way directly north to the room on the other side of the 80 Agility shortcut at the entrance. Here, you will see an enclosed room directly across from the entrance ladder, with a secret wall to open to access it (pictured below).

Do not try picking up the scorpion in here directly, you will simply take damage. Use your scorpion cage on it to successfully capture it.

Scorpion seeking

Note that at this point, it's possible to complete the rest of the quest without any more dialogues or visits to places besides the scorpion locations and Thormac. If you wish to do this, skip talking to the Seer again or going to Barbarian village to speak to Peksa.

After optionally speaking to the Seer again for the locations of the other scorpions, make your way to either the Monastery west of Edgeville or Peksa (the helmet shop owner in Barbarian village south of Edgeville)/the Barbarian Outpost (agility course north of Baxtorian Falls). At the Monastery, you will need 31 Prayer to join their order to gain access to the upper floor. Once you're up there, the scorpion is simply running around near the table with the Monk robes.

If you went to Barbarian Village, Peksa will tell you he longer has the scorpion, but sent it to his relative at the Barbarian Outpost. Make your way there (preferably with a Games necklace) and enter the gate to the area before the Agility course (you will need to have completed the Bar Crawl to do this). The scorpion is in the hut pictured below.

Finishing up

With a full cage of 3 scorpions, return to Thormac to complete the quest!


  • 1 Quest Point
  • 6625 Strength XP
  • Access to Thormac's service to enchant Battlestaves into Mystic Battlestaves

After this quest is complete, Thormac will now offer an enchanting service to turn Battlestaves of any element (Air/Water/Earth/Fire/Mud/Steam/Lava) into their Mystic version, increasing most of their overall stats. This normally costs 40000 GP per staff, however wearing the Seers headband from the Seers' Village achievement diary will reduce this cost to 27000 GP per.

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