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Alfred Grimhand's Bar Crawl

(…or..Want to get into the Barbarian Agility Training Course? Here's how!)


Have you found yourself blocked by Barbarians when trying to enter their precious agility course?

Well, we can't have that now, can we!?!

If you Talk to any of the guards at the entrance they'll insulting tell you that you don't have what it takes to become a barbarian! (The sheer audacity of these people!)

So,…if you can manage to keep from getting into a fight with them they'll tell you there is one way that they'll let you enter…and I hope you're….er “thirsty” for adventure!

You must first drink,…
and drink a lot!

You think you got what it takes to stumble around on this agility course?! You’d be a fool to simply just walk in. Why not stumble in, throw up all over the guards and amaze them with your abilities!

Congratulations! You've just been tasked with doing Alfred Grimhand's Bar Crawl!!!!!

Bring a couple thousand GP, various teleportation methods, and an empty stomach!

Blue Moon Inn

Suggested transport: Varrock teleport

Located south of the Varrock main square, the Blue Moon Inn plays host to several, shall we say “interesting” characters, some of whom you'll likely meet in other quests. Head on in and pay 50 gp to the bartender and he'll sell you one glass of Uncle Humphrey's Gutrot! Well, what are you waiting for? Drink up! You’re done for now (lightweight!)

Blurberry’s Bar

Suggested transport: Spirit Tree

Ever woken up drunk in a tree? Well, keep your wits about you and hopefully it won't happen this time! Head to The Tree Gnome Stronghold and once there make your way up one floor inside the Grand Tree. You'll find Blurberry in his bar east of the ladder. Talk to him and he'll sell you a Fire Toad Blast for 10 gp. You'll take 1hp damage but what a kick!

Flying Horse Inn

Suggested transport: Ardounge teleport

Make your way (probably stumbling by now) to the city of Ardougne. Here you'll want to wander the eastern district looking for the bar symbol on the world map. Once you've located it you'll find yourself in the smallest bar in all of 2009scape! This bar is sooo small you'll have to close the door if the bar keep is on the other side of the bar just to talk to him. When you tell him what you're up to he'll pour you a an aptly named Heart Stopper for 8 gp. This one will do you damage as well! After all, it -is- called a heart stopper!

Dead Man’s Chest Bar

Suggested transport: Captain Barnaby from Ardougne's docks (30 gp)

Time to head to Brimhaven (a more wretched hive of scum and villainy you'll likely not soon find in 2009Scape). Once there hunt out the bar and purchase a Supergrog for 15 gp. Drink up and move on…..sluggishly.

Karamja Spirits Bar

At this point you'll probably cheerfully wander east past the active volcano and nasty (hic) beasties in the jungle over to the (urp!) Musa Point area. There you'll find the bar south of the buhmanna…(hic) Shay, how do you shpell it? The plantation thingy…you know the one. There, get yourself a taste of the Ape Bite Liquer, a bargain at only 7 gp! (Don't forget to drink it!)

Dragon Inn

Time to head south to Yanille. You could use fairy rings, but at this point you’re absolutely sloshed and upsetting (hic) tiny fairies with magic might not be such a good idea … Use any travel means necessary even tele’ing back to Ardounge and running south. Drink the Fire Brandy (12 gp). It’s pretty good just blurs the ole vision!

Rising Sun Inn

Make your way to Fallador and head to the bar! Try a Hand of Death cocktail and you’ll be wishing death would finally come knocking. This is going to jiggle your screen around its so powerful! It does cost 70 coins. Shay! who's pickin' up the (hic) tab for dish? (I hope the barbarians are refunding me….)

Rusty Anchor Inn

Head directly south to Port Sarim’s bar, the Rusty Anchor! Buy a Black Skull Ale (8 gp) and hiccup and you’re outta there! Lots of NPC’s here just find the guy in the white apron.

Forester’s Arms

Head to Seer’s village via Camelot teleport or other means. Find the bar towards the West and drink this delicious Liverbane ale (18 gp). Trust them, your liver needs this.

Jolly Boar Inn

This should be familiar… its the bar towards the wildy North East of Varrock by the lumber yard. Olde Suspiciouse is just the thing to clear the head…and what a bargain at only 10 gp! Take your last and final sip for this barcrawl and it’s over!


Head back to the barbarian agility training course, definitely just use a games necklace charge and hand in the card, if you try to read what you have left to complete it will say, you are too drunk to read this card! That means you have finished all the tasks! Now you can use the agility course here in barbarian village! How neat, just don’t fall on your liver for a while.


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