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Creature of Fenkenstrain

The dull, dark, and soulless air of Morytania holds many secrets and rumors of a terrifying nature. While the accursed swamp of the south remains the domain of such vile filth that even the citizens accustomed to the dreary nature of Canafis hesitate to enter, it is the darkened castle to the north that seems to serve as the foundation to the gloom. Are you desperate enough to explore this brooding hulk of stone and perhaps challenge it's grip on the place?

Note: Playing this quest in High Definition mode may make it extremely difficult to see details on some monitors. Not even carrying a lit bulls-eye lantern may be able to help. If this is the case it is advised to change to Standard Definition mode to do this quest.

Required and/or Suggested:


  • 20 Crafting
  • 25 Thieving
  • Ability to defeat a Level 51 Monster (though you may have to fight up to a Level 71 Vampire)
  • Suggested 33 Magic Note: Only needed should you choose to cast Telekinetic grab.


  • The Restless Ghostplugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigStart Point

    Church south-east of Lumbridge Castle.


    * The ability to defeat a level 13 skeleton.


    * Difficulty: Beginner. * Length: Short.


    * 1 Quest Point * 1,125 Prayer XP * Ghostspeak amulet Experience received from a quest as a reward is multiplied by your xp rate
  • Priest in Perilplugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigPriest in Peril

    There's something going on on the eastern border of Varrock and King Roald needs someone to look into it. The way to Varrock is protected from the dangers of the eastern reaches by the hard work of the monks on the shores of the River Salve. Will you take up the responsibility to make sure their critical work has not been interrupted?

Items: It is highly suggested you obtain, purchase, or make all needed items prior to starting the quest!

  • Ghostspeak amulet (from The Restless Ghost Quest mentioned above)
  • Bronze wire (x3) (Made by using a hammer on a Bronze bar or may be purchased on the Grand Exchange or elsewhere)
  • Thread (x5) (May be purchased at any Crafting store (such as in eastern Al Kharid) or may be purchased on the Grand Exchange or elsewhere)
  • Needle (May be purchased at any Crafting store (such as in eastern Al Kharid) or may be purchased on the Grand Exchange or elsewhere)
  • Silver bar (May be made using Silver ore on any furnace or may be purchased on the Grand Exchange or elsewhere)
  • Spade (May be found in the Falador Real estate agent's office or may be purchased on the Grand Exchange or elsewhere)
  • Runes to cast Telekinetic grab (Suggested) (1 Law, 1 Air) Note: This is not a cost effective choice but it is a viable means to obtain a quest item.
  • 50 GP (Replaces the need to use Telekinetic grab above).
  • Ring of slaying (Suggested) for use of the teleport it provides
  • Ecto-tokens (x2) (Suggested) or 1 set of bones, an Empty pot, and an Empty bucket
  • Ectophial (Suggested) if you don't already have one it is highly suggested you obtain one from Velorina during the quest.
  • Food and armor as needed to defeat a Level 51 Monster
  • Wolfbane dagger (Suggested) Not currently needed but when the citizens of Canafis eventually gain the ability to transform into powerful werewolves on our server this may be useful should you mistakenly attack them.
  • Holy symbol of Saradomin (Suggested) to weaken Vampire attackers.1)

Getting Started

Note: While following this guide the Boldface Numbers found below correspond to the locations as numbered on the included maps.

(1) As you may have noticed before, when entering the village of Canafis, there's a peculiar Signpost just east of the first shop (“Rufus' Food Emporium”) and north of the “Hair of The Dog” pub. Take the time to look at it now and you will want to read the new Help Wanted poster pinned to it…

The signpost reads:

Braindead Butler Wanted
Gravedigging skills essential - Hunchback advantageous
See Dr Fenkenstrain at the castle NE of Canafis

Being the curious (enterprising, brave, crazy, etc.) adventurer that you are, you will of course lose little time in finding the castle and seeking to learn more about this mysterious job!

(2) Proceed along the path out of Canafis to the north east, pass through the fence and, once there, enter the castle found north of the path. Therein you will find Dr Fenkenstrain pacing about in his dark and mysterious lair. Right-click and choose Talk-to Dr Fenkenstrain to speak with him about the job and he will want to ask you some questions to see if you are a good fit.

When asked to describe yourself in one word choose Braindead from the options presented. When asked your greatest skill, choose Grave-digging from the options presented.

Sure enough, the Doctor decides that you are just the right person for the job! And now he reveals exactly what that `entrails':

I need you to get me enough dead body parts for me to stitch together a complete body, which I plan to bring to life.

To get the list of items he needs you to obtain click the Quest guide icon, scroll down to “Creature of Fenkenstrain” (which should now be in yellow), and click on it to see:

  • a pair of arms
  • a pair legs
  • a torso
  • a head

Now, aren't you glad you decided to lend a hand? (Sorry, couldn't resist).

It is suggested that you go through nearly all the dialog choices Dr Fenkenstrain has to offer at this point…

Note: Each time you ask Fenkenstrain one of the questions below you will need to Right-click and choose “Talk-to Dr Fenkenstrain” before you can choose to ask said question.

When you ask: “Do you know where I could find body parts?”

Fenkenstrain replies:

The soil of Morytania is unique in its ability to preserve the bodies of the dead, which is one reason why I have chosen to carry out my experiments here. I recommend digging up some graves in the local area. To the south-east you will find the Haunted Woods; I believe there are many graves there. There is also a mausoleum on an island west of this castle. I expect the bodies that are buried there to be extremely well preserved, as they were wealthy in life.

When you ask: “Why are you trying to make this creature?”

Fenkenstrain replies:

I came to the land of Morytania many years ago, to find a safe sanctuary for my experiments. This abandoned castle suited my purposes exactly.

You then ask: “What were you experimenting in?”

Fenkenstrain replies:

Oh, perfectly innocent experiments – for the good of mankind.

You then ask: “Then why did you need to come to Morytania?”

and Fenkenstrain responds:

Enough questions, now. Get back to your work.

It is NOT necessary to ask him “Will this creature put me out of a job?”

How to get a-"head" in life...

Unless Wooo like hearing “Wooo wooo wooooo” alot Wooo-you should probably Wooo-wear your Wooo Ghostspeak amulet for most of the Wooo-rest of this quest.

(3) In the northernmost section of the ground floor of Dr Fenkenstrain's castle you will find a headless ghost walking about with a pitchfork in hand. This is the Gardener Ghost. Make sure you are wearing your Ghostspeak amulet and Right-click to Talk-to him.

First, Choose to ask him: “What's your name?”.

Eventually he will recall his name is Ed Lestwit
(You might want to keep that information in your head for later….)

Next choose to ask him “What happened to your head?”.

A tale of woe unfolds where the poor ghost will eventually tell you what he remembers about how it came to be chopped off. At the end of the tale he will volunteer to show you where this happened…

You will only have his assistance to find his grave for 10 minutes! Make sure you have a spade and at least 1 empty slot in your inventory!

(4) Leaving the castle with the ghost following, you should head south and then southeast into the Haunted Woods. The ghost should reappear near you as you run in this direction. If you want some help you can ask the Gardener ghost for some general directions as you proceed. Make sure you are prepared for potential combat in this area. This may involve Vampires up to level 71 and Leeches up to level 52. You may also be attacked should you pass near the occasional Undead tree.2) If they are present DO NOT BOTHER ATTACKING THEM as they do little damage and it is impossible to hurt them without a Blessed mithril axe.3)

Eventually you will come to the grave of Ed Lestwit. The Gardener ghost should announce “This is the place where I met me' maker” when you are close to the grave.

Right click the grave to confirm this. Once confirmed, right click on the grave and select “Dig grave” while having a spade in your inventory. You should unearth a decapitated head.

(5) Now head (nyuck nyuck nyuck) to the Hair of the Dog Tavern in Canafis.

The fastest and most effective way out of the Haunted woods at this point would probably be to use a Ring of Slaying teleport to the Morytania Slayer Tower. Barring this just run north-northwest in the direction of the farming allotment patch and then just run west, pass the castle, go through the break in the fence and bear southwest into Canafis.

Be sure NOT to Left-click on any of the citizens roaming Canafis as they can turn into a powerful Werewolf which you will have to fight! Note that is not yet4) implemented on 2009Scape though it will likely eventually be!

Once in Canafis find the tavern, and Talk-to Roavar inside. He may be behind the bar.

Choose “Can I buy something to eat?”. He will make some pretty disturbing (and disgusting) culinary suggestions. If you choose to buy the Pickled brain it will cost you 50 GP.

(If you have the magic level and runes to cast Telekinetic grab you can alternately just use this to avoid paying the 50 GP (though the runes you would use should cost more than the 50 GP fee to purchase). The Pickled Brain may be found resting in a jar on a table in the Tavern should you choose this option).

Once you have both items Use the the Pickled brain on the Decapitated head in your inventory.

You will squeeze the pickled brain into the decapitated head. (Ewwwww….)

The Rest of the Parts

Head to the ground floor of Fenkenstrain's castle and make your way to the Staircase to the northwest and click them to climb. Inside the room immediately to the east of the top of the Staircase you will find a Bookcase. Searching this you will be presented with a list of book titles.

Select The Joy of Gravedigging.

A secret compartment will spring open and you will find a Marble amulet.

Now make your way to the eastern side of this floor to find another bookcase in the room just west of the staircase on that side of the castle. Searching this bookcase you will again be presented with a list of book titles. Choose Handy Maggot Avoidance Techniques. Yet again a secret compartment will spring open and this time you will find an Obsidian amulet.

You might consider also selecting and reading Chimney Sweeping on a Budget from this same Bookcase.

Now Use one of the 2 amulet pieces in your inventory on the other to form a six-pointed Star amulet.

(6) Go back down either of the staircases to the ground floor and exit the castle once more. Make your way east till you come to a small collection of tombstone memorials.

Depending on your combat level you may want to rest here a bit to recharge your run energy before going forward.

Use the Star amulet on the eastern most memorial (described as a `coffin lid' when applied).
You will now be able to Push memorial which will open a crypt beneath!

In the tunnels below you will find numerous experiments created by Dr Fenkenstrain as he pursued his studies into the unnatural and bizarre. Eventually you will encounter the Level 51 Experiment which appears to be a cross between a human and wolf. Examining this beast shows that it has a key hanging from it's collar. Kill it to obtain a Cavern key from it's drops.

Continue on the path to the northwest until you reach a gate. Use the Cavern key on the gate to pass through. In this room you will find an open chest. Search this to recover a Key.

(You will need this later to get back through the gate you just opened).
Now, Climb-up the nearby Ladder.

(7) You should find yourself on a small island with 3 memorials to the north. This is the Mausoleum (noted on the map above). The bridge that apparently once stood to the south has succumbed to the rot and sunk into the foul depths. Right-click and choose to “Dig Grave” on each of the memorials to the north to obtain:

  • a pair of arms
  • a pair legs
  • a torso

Now head to the south of the island and Push the memorial found there to once more enter the crypt below. When you get to the gate you will use the key you found in the chest to open it and this key will then vanish from your inventory. Follow the path back out of the crypt and use the ladder to exit.

Putting it all together...

If you do not already have the Needle and 5 Thread in your inventory you should visit the bank in Canafis to retrieve them.

Bring all the body parts you have now collected as well as the needle and 5 thread back to Dr Fenkenstrain.

Right click him and choose: “I have some body parts for you.”

After acknowledging that you have given him the parts he needs the doctor will say he now needs the needle and 5 thread.
So long as you have them in inventory, just Left-clicking on him now will cause him to confirm you have now given these to him.
The doctor will now use these to sew the body parts together creating a hideous yet inanimate creature on his ritual table.

After he has done this the doctor will reveal that now he needs to harness the very power of nature to bring the creature to life.
When asked as to what power this might be, he informs you that this is lightning!

A shocking development!

Once more find the Gardener ghost and this time ask him:

Do you know where the key to the shed is?

Lucky you! He happens to have it in his pocket and he gladly gives you a rusty Shed key.

You might also take this moment to choose to ask him about a conductor.

After thinking about it he will tell you of a former handyman who he believes might have had a mould to produce one.

Nearby you will find a Pile of canes (See the blue circled area in image below) which you will need to click and Take from 3 times to obtain 3 Garden canes.

Click on the door to the small shed west of the Pile of canes (See the door pointed to by the white arrow in the image above) to open and enter.
(Your Shed key will be consumed in doing this.)
In here you will find a large Cupboard which you will need to Open before you can Right-click and Search it to obtain a Garden brush.

While having the 3 Bronze wires in inventory, use each of the Garden canes on the Garden brush to produce an Extended brush.
Your 3 Bronze wires and the 3 Garden canes will be consumed in this operation.

Next head back up either of the Staircases to either the room in which you earlier found the Marble or the one where you found Obsidian amulet.
Use the Extended brush on the fireplace there to retrieve a Conductor mould (which is announced as a “lightning conductor mould”).

Plugging in to current events....

At this point it is time to make a conductor. You will need a Silver bar and the Conductor mould.

The closest furnace is found in Port Phasmatys which is an easy trip if you have a full Ectophial in inventory. If you do not have one (and you don't care to get one at this time) you can home teleport to Lumbridge and use the furnace there.

For a nice illustrated guide to the process for obtaining Ectotokens click Hereplugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigBasic Information

* Ecto-Tokens can be earned by Worshipping the Ectofuntus. * The Ectofuntus is in a temple located to the north of Port Phasmatys.

The Ectophial flask allows teleport to Ectofuntus.

You can get it from Velorina - is a female ghost in the north-east part of Port Phasmatys. Once the player teleports, they will automatically refill it.
.5) A short synopsis of the process follows: If you brought a set of bones (you could also just kill a chicken for the bones on the way), an Empty pot, and an Empty bucket you can run to the temple just north of Port Phasmatys, Climb-down the trap door in the west of the temple, go down the 3 levels of stairs to the pool of slime, fill your empty bucket from the Pool of slime, climb back up to the ground level, climb the Staircase to the east, Use the bones on the bone grinder's hopper (just click the hopper to do this), fill your empty pot with bone dust, go back down the Staircase, click on the glowing Ectofuntus to “Worship Ectofuntus”, and then Talk-to (while wearing your Ghostspeak amulet) a Ghost disciple (NOT Necrovarus) to obtain Ecto tokens. Use 2 of these to pass through the energy barrier and enter Port Phasmatys.

Once inside you should speak with Velorina (found under the Quest icon in the north of the city) to obtain an Ectophial for later use.6) The furnace in Port Phasmatys can be found just north of the bank in the southeastern area of the village. You may have to open the door to the building to get to it.

Once you are at a furnace use the Silver bar on it while having the Conductor mould in inventory to produce a Lightning rod.

One of the quickest methods to return to Fenkenstrain's castle is to use a Ring of slaying to teleport to the Morytania Slayer Tower and then run east.
Otherwise use any method convenient to you to return to Fenkenstrain's castle.

Once you are back in Fenkenstrain's castle head back upstairs via either Staircase and then proceed up the ladder furthest to the south. You will have to open the door to access the ladder. Arriving at the top of this tower you will find a Lightning conductor. Right-click this and choose:

Repair Lightning conductor

You finish not a moment too soon as a tremendous bolt of lightning melts the new lightning conductor you just fixed!

Head back down the ladder, down one of the Staircases, and talk with Dr Fenkenstrain.

I Guess he doesn't have the guts to do it himself....

Surprise surprise…the Doctor now claims the creature went on a rampage and he wants you to kill the monster he has created!

To do this he gives you a Tower key to access the room upstairs into which he tricked the monster to becoming imprisoned.

Climb up a Staircase and find the gated cell in the center of the floor of the castle. Use the Tower key on the gated door to enter. Once inside climb up the ladder to find Fenkenstrain's Monster in a room with a mirror.

But wait! Not is all as it seemed! As you prepare to kill the monster you find yourself telling the creature your intentions… Yet the (apparently drunk…or maybe pickled?) “Monster” has something to say and you will learn some interesting things about your employer…

It turns out the “Creature” is actually the resurrected Rologarth, Lord of the North Coast who had been Fenkenstrain's former employer and the prior owner of this very castle! But of course, as it turns out, Rologarth had not been an upstanding citizen in his past life. He claims that, on Fenkenstrain's advice, he had sold the living people who had once inhabited the castle to the vampyres! Filled with professed regret, the creature who had once been Rologarth has only one request of you…

“…please stop Fenkenstrain from carrying on his experiments, once and for all, so that no other poor soul has to endure suffering such as that of my people and I.”

Now, click Fenkenstrain's Monster once more to ask him:

“Do you know how I can stop Fenkenstrain's experiments?”

The creature will tell you to take the Ring of Charos from Fenkenstrain.

When you ask what this ring is you are informed:

It was my birthright, passed down to me through the ages. It's origin forgotten. The Ring of Charos has many powers, but Fenkenstrain has bent them to his own evil purposes. Without the power of the ring, he will not be able to raise the dead from their sleep. It has one other, extremely important use - it confuses the werewolves' senses, making them believe that they smell one of their own kind. Without the ring, Fenkenstrain will be at their mercy.

Head back down the ladder, exit the gated cell, and go down one of the Staircases to find Dr Fenkenstrain. Right-click him and choose:

Pickpocket Dr Fenkenstrain

You should now obtain his Ring of Charos.

Congratulations! Quest complete!


  • 2 quest points
  • Ring of Charos
  • 1,000 Thieving XP (@ 1x)
  • Ring of Charos7)


* Zencro - 25 October 2023
* RWBY - 11 November 2023

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Animal Magnetism Questplugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigStart Point

Draynor Manor, north of Draynor Village.

Quest Required

* The Restless Ghost * Ernest the Chicken * Priest in Peril

Skill Requirements

* 18 Slayer level * 19 Crafting level * 30 Ranged level * 35 Woodcutting level

Items Required

* - Mithril axe * - 5 x Iron bar
As of 17 October 2023.
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Per the archived Wiki page dated 29 January 2009 the Ring of Charos(a) carries numerous additional benefits after the Garden of Tranquility Quest. This quest was released 30 August 2005 but it is not (at the time of this writing) yet implemented in 2009Scape. See:
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