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Tourist Trap

The Desert is known for many things, “being safe” is not one of them. It seems a family who recently moved from Varrock to Al-Kharid has found this out the hard way. Now a child has vanished into the deserts south of Shantay Pass. Can you find them and bring them safely home?



  • 10 Fletching
  • 20 smithing
  • Ability to defeat a level 47 Mercenary Captain and fend off possible attacks from Level 27 desert wolves.

Quests: None


  • Desert gear (Desert boots, Desert Shirt, Desert Robe). These may be purchased from Shantay at Shantay's Pass, from Ali Morrisane near the quest icon at the northend of the town of Al-Kharid, or other vendors.
  • 2 or more waterskin(4). These may be purchased from the same vendors mentioned above. 4 waterskin(4) should be more than enough.
  • 2-4 Bronze bars.
  • 10-30 Feathers.
  • 1 Hammer.
  • Shantay pass Purchased from Shantay at Shantay's pass for 5 gp.
  • 1 Knife
  • Minimum of 105 gp
  • Food and (prefereably) a low-value weapon you are capable of using in combat and don't mind dropping afterwards.

Note this quest may require some time as various elements can be failed.

Note: This guide will make reference to three (3) maps:

  • Tourist Trap Main Map (Abbreviated as “MAIN”)
  • Desert Mining Camp Map (Abbreviated as “MCM”)
  • Desert Mine Map (Abbreviated as “MM”)

Please make sure to differentiate between their respective markers when they are mentioned in this guide!

tt-main-map.jpg camp-mine.jpg

Getting Started

1. Make your way to the Shantay pass south of the desert town of Al-Kharid.1)

After equipping your character as described above under Items and purchasing a Shantay pass from Shantay proceed through the pass.

Just south of the entrance you will find Irena (Near point 1 on MAIN) who is weeping. Right click and choose “Talk-to Irena”.

Irena's Sad Tale:

Boo hoo! Oh dear, my only daughter…Oh dear… my daughter, Ana, has gone missing in the desert. I fear that she is lost, or perhaps… *sob* even worse. *Sob* she went in there just a few days ago, *Sob* she said she would be back yesterday. *Sob* And she's not…

When you callously ask if there is a reward Irena replies:

“Well, yes, you'll have my gratitude…and I'm sure that Ana will also be very pleased! And I may see if I can get a small reward together… But I cannot promise anything. So does that mean that you'll look for her then?”

After telling her to calm down, (When has -that- ever worked with someone upset?) and that you will get her daughter back, Irena tells you that Ana was wearing a red silk scarf when she left. Once you've agreed to go on this quest Irena gives you the hint that she went looking for Ana herself and found some footprints just a bit to the south that she fears may lead to the desert mining camp.

2. Once the conversation is concluded its time to begin the hunt. Proceed south west into the desert where you will soon find the footprints Irena mentioned. Examining these will tell you “This looks like some disturbed sand. Footsteps seem to be heading off towards the South.”

As you follow the wandering footprints they will periodically fade into the sand only to reappear. So long as you follow in the direction in which they fade out you will soon pick up the next set of footprints heading almost always south and west though occasionally slightly to the east.

Note: Following these footprints may bring you in close proximity to level 27 desert wolves who may attack.

At one point during this search you may find the red silk scarf that belongs to Ana hanging from a cactus.

Note: This is near one of the possible Penguin locations on our server.

3. Eventually the tracks lead you to the entrance of the Desert mining camp. (Near point 2 on MAIN)

Here you will find a group of Mercenaries (level 45) as well as a Mercenary Captain (level 47) guarding a gate.

Talking to one of the level 45 Mercenaries will result in the following dialog:

Talking with a Mercenary
Mercenary:“Yeah, what do you want?”
You: “I'm looking for a woman called Ana, have you seen her?”
Mercenary:“No, now get lost!”
You: “Perhaps five gold coins will help you remember?”
Mercenary:“Well it certainly will help!” (After paying) “Now then, what did you want to know?”
You: “I'm looking for a woman called Ana, have you seen her?”
Mercenary:“Hmm, well, we get a lot of people in here. But not many women through… Saw one come in last week… But I don't know if it's the woman you're looking for?”
You: “What are you guarding?”
Mercenary:“Well, if you have to know, we're making sure that no prisoners get out. And to make sure that unauthorised people don't get in. You'd better go soon before the Captain orders us to kill you.”
You: “Does the Captain order you to kill a lot of people?”
Mercenary:*Snort* “Just about anyone who talks to him. Unless he has a use for you, he'll probably just order us to kill you. And it's such a horrible job cleaning up the mess afterwards.”
You: “Not to mention the senseless waste of human life.”
Mercenary:“Huh? Them's your words, not mine.”
You: “It doesn't sound as if you respect your Captain much.”
Mercenary:“Well, to be honest. We think he's not exactly as brave as he makes out. But we have to follow his orders. If someone called him a coward, or managed to trick him into a one-on-one duel many of us bet that he'd be beaten.”
You: “And how could I trick him into a one-on-one duel?”
Mercenary:“Like all cowards, he likes to be made to feel important. If anyone insults him outright he just gets us to do his dirty work. However, if he thinks he's better than you, if you compliment him, he may feel that he can defeat you. And if he initiated a duel, all the men agreed that they wouldn't intervene. We think he'd be slaughtered in double quick time.”

At this point equip your weapon and talk to the Mercenary Captain (level 47). This results in the following dialog:

The Mercenary Captain's Demise
You: “Wow! a real captain!”
Mercenary Captain:Be off effendi, you are not wanted around here.“
You: “I'd love to work for a tough guy like you!”
Mercenary Captain:“Hmmm, oh yes, what can you do?”
You: “Can't I do something for a strong Captain like you?”
Mercenary Captain:“You could bring me the head of Al Zaba Bhasim. He is the leader of the notorious desert bandits, they plague us daily. You should find them west of here. You should have no problem in finishing them all off. Do this for me and maybe I will consider helping you.”
You: “Sorry Sir, I don't think I can do that.”
Mercenary Captain:“Hmm, well yes, I did consider that you might not be right for the job. be off with you then before I turn my men loose on you.”
You: “It's a funny captain who can't fight his own battles!”
Mercenary Captain:“Very well, if you're challenging me, let's get on with it!”

Here the battle commences. For most players this will be a relatively short fight as the captain is a fairly easy opponent (they seems to only have 30 HP). Once they are dead they will drop a metal key which will materialize in your inventory.

If your weapon is not one you care to part with and you don't mind the extra expense and time you can run back to bank it at Shantay pass to the north. Note that you will have to buy another Shantay pass to reenter the desert if you do this. Not having a weapon within the camp may make it less likely that you will be captured while in the camp and have to go through the steps to escape from a cell. I have not tested this on our server.

It is possibly better if you drop the weapon you were using (if it is not valued) before entering the Desert mining camp.

By this point you should already be wearing your desert outfit. If not, make sure you are wearing all three (3) pieces.

4. Right click and open the gate. Note the guards will search you thoroughly as you go through the gate. While avoiding any NPC guards, proceed east towards the group of slaves nearest the mine entrance (Near point 2 on MCM). If you are “spotted” a guard will capture you and take you to a prison cell.

Escaping from the Prison Cell

A. If captured you will wind up in a prison cell with one window facing west (Point A on MCM). If this happens to you, right click the window and choose “Bend Cell wall window”. Now you can right click it again and choose “Escape Cell wall window”.

Once out you will notice a small rock outcropping just to the northwest (Point B on MCM). Right clicking it will give you the option to “Climb Rock”. Doing this will put you in front of a small cliff (Point C on MCM).

Right clicking this will give you the option to “Climb-up Cliff”. Once you're managed to make your way atop the cliff you will notice a small group of rocks to the west (Point D on MCM) that, when clicked, will give you the option to “Climb-down Cliff”.

In my testing of this I have found that it does not always work on the first try, however, clicking it when close by where you first climbed up seems to work most of the time. It may also help to reclick the “Climb-up cliff” spot and then immediately click the “Climb-down cliff” spot.

With some work you should be able to get back outside the mining camp (Point E on MCM) and re-enter the camp through the gate (Point 1 on MCM).

The Quest Continues

6. Once you have located the group of slaves nearest the mine entrance (Near point 2 on MCM), find the Male slave with a “Talk-to” option.

The following dialog should then take place:

Talking with a Slave
Male slave: “You look like a new `recruit'. How long have you been here?”
You: “I've just arrived.”
Male slave: “Yeah, it looks like it as well. It's a shame that I won't be around long enough to get to know you. I'm making a break for it today. I have a plan to get out of here! It's amazing in its sophistication.”
You: “Oh yes, that sounds interesting.”
Male slave: “Yes, it is actually. I have all the details figured out except for one.”
You: “What's that then?”
Male slave: “These bracelets, I can't seem to get them off. If I could get them off, I'd be able to climb my way out of here.”
You: “I can try to undo them for you.”
Male slave: “Really, that would be great… Hang on a minute… I suppose you want something for doing this? The last time I did a trade in this place, I nearly lost the shirt from my back!”
You: “It's funny you should say that actually.”
Male slave: “Yeah, go on!”
You: “If I can get the chains off, you have to give me something, okay?”
Male slave: “Sure, what do you want?”
You: “I want your clothes!”
Male slave: “Blimey!”
You: “I can dress like a slave and gain access to the mine area to scout it out.”
Male slave: “You're either incredibly brave or incredibly stupid. But what would I wear if you take my clothes? Get me some nice desert clothes and I'll think about it? Do you still want to try and undo the locks for me?”
You: “Yeah, okay, let's give it a go.”
Male slave: “Great!”

At this point your character will use some nearby materials to attempt to pick the locks on the slaves' “bracelets”. If you succeed this will be noted (though you can fail and have to repeat this part of the process).

It is very possible a guard will spot you at this point and you'll have to effect your way out of the same prison as mentioned earlier and once more return to the spot with the Male slave and try this again.

Note you must be wearing the complete desert outfit to exchange clothes with the slave!

Once you return the following dialog should take place:

Male slave: “Do you want to trade clothes now?” You: “Yes, I'll trade.” Male slave: ”“Great! You have the Desert Clothes! Okay, here's the clothes, I won't need them anymore.”

7. At this point the Male slave will exchange clothes with you giving you their dirty, flea infested robe, muddy, sweat soaked shirt, and a smelly pair of decomposing boots.

After they wish you luck you will now be clad in the protective (if somewhat disgusting) outfit they were just wearing.

Now head for the entrance to the mine and open the doors (Point 3 on MCM)

8. From the entrance (Point 1 on MM) follow the path till you encounter two (2) guards (level 45) (Near point 2 on MM). Right click and choose “Talk-to Guard” on either of them and the following dialog plays out:

Asking for a change of scenery…
Guard:“Yeah, what do you want?”
You: “I'd like to mine in a different area.”
Guard:“Oh, you want to work in another area of the mine eh? Well, I can understand that! A change is as good as a rest they say.”
You: “Yes sir, you're quite right sir.”
Guard:“Of course I'm right. And what goes around comes around as they say. And it's been absolutely ages since I've had anything different to eat. What I wouldn't give for some whole, fresh, ripe and juicy pineapple for a change. And those Tenti's have the best pineapple in this entire area. I'm sure you get my meaning…“
You: Yes sir, we understand each other perfectly.”
Guard: “Okay, good then. And remember, I prefer my pineapples whole, not chopped up with all the juice gone.”

9. Run back to the mine entrance (Point 1 on MM) and exit into the main camp. Now it is time to visit the Bedabin camp to the tent marked as 3 on MAIN above. Exitting the Desert mining camp is surprisingly easy. Just run to the Gate (Point 1 on MCM) and open it. Proceed directly west from there across the desert. Eventually you will reach the camp which consists of a watering hole, a rug merchant's station, and two (2) tents. The northernmost tent is rectangular while the southern is larger and octagonal.

Go inside the larger tent (Point 3 on MAIN)to find Al Shabim. Right click and Talk-to him for the following dialogue:

Nomads and their needs…
Al Shabim:“Hello Effendi! I am Al Shabim, greetings on behalf of the Bedabin nomads. Now…what can I do for you?”
You: “I am looking for a pineapple.”
Al Shabim:“Oh yes, well that is interesting. Our sweet pineapples are renowned throughout the whole of Kharid! and I'll give you one if you do me a favour?”
You: “Oh yes?”
Al Shabim:“Captain Siad at the mining camp is holding some secret information. It is very important to us and we would like you to get it for us. It gives details of an interesting, yet ancient weapon. We would gladly share this information with you. All you have to do is gain access to his private room upstairs. We have a key for the chest that contains this information. Are you interested in our deal?”
You: “Yes, I'm interested.”
Al Shabim:“That's great Effendi! Here is a copy of the key that should give you access to the chest. Bring us back the plans inside the chest, they should be sealed. All haste to you Effendi!”

10. With the key now in your inventory it is time to return to the Desert mining camp. Head directly east into the desert and you will soon find yourself at the gate to the camp (Near point 1 on MCM) once more.

Enter the gate and proceed into the main building (Point 4 on MCM). “Climb-up” the ladder inside to the next floor. Search the table at which Captain Siad is sitting to get a cell door key.

Now search all the bookshelves in the room until you find several books on the subject of sailing. Note: you do not need to read these books nor obtain them in inventory. It is enough that your character knows that the books exist in Captain Siad's shelves.
Now it is time to talk with the captain who is sitting in a chair behind the desk.

What Siad said…
Captain Siad:“What are you doing in here?”
You: “I wanted to have a chat?”
Captain Siad:“You don't belong in here, get out!”
You: “You seem to have a lot of books!”
Captain Siad:“Yes, I do. Now please get to the point?”
You: “So, you're interested in sailing?”
Captain Siad:“Well, yes actually… It's been a passion of mine for some years…“
You: “I could tell by the cut of your jib.”
Captain Siad:“Oh yes? Really? Well, I was quite a catch in my day you know!”

Once you are told that he “looks quite distracted…” click the chest on the east side of his desk. You will quickly unlock it using the Bedabins' copy of the key and obtain the plans Al Shabim asked for. These will appear in your inventory as “Technical plans”.

11. Head back down the ladder and exit the camp. Once more head west to the Bedabin camp across the desert. Once more Talk-to Al Shabim (Point 3 on MAIN) and you will now get the following dialog:

Al loves it when a plan comes together….
Al Shabim:“Hello Effendi! Aha! I see you have the plans. This is great! However, these plans do indeed look very technical. My people have further need of your skills. If you can help us to manufacture this item, we will share its secret with you. Does this deal interest you effendi?”
You: “Yes, I'm very interested.”
Al Shabim:“Okay Effendi, you need to follow the plans. You will need some special tools for this… There is an anvil in the other tent. You have my permission to use it, but show the plans to the guard.”

Head to the northern (rectangular) tent in the Bedabin camp (Point 4 on MAIN)with your hammer, bronze bars, Technical plans, and feathers in inventory.

Make sure you have AT LEAST three (3) empty spaces in inventory before beginning this step!

Note: There -is- an anvil in this tent despite there not being an icon to represent it being there on the game map!

Click the door to enter the tent and a short dialog will ensue where you show the plans to the Bedabin Nomad Guard and he tells you to “go ahead”.

Click and attempt to read the Technical plans in your inventory. You will be informed that you will require a bronze bar and at least 10 feathers. Right-click in your your inventory and choose to “Use Bronze bar” on the “An experimental anvil” you find in this tent. You will be asked:

“Do you want to follow the technical plans?”
You should choose: “Yes. I'd like to try.”

12. You will “begin experimenting in forging the weapons” and eventually wind up with a sharp, pointed dart tip. This is noted as being a “Prototype dart tip” in your inventory. Now right-click and Use the feathers on the “Prototype dart tip” in inventory to produce a Bronze dart. You only need to produce one of these to complete this step!

Now return to Al Shabim's tent (Point 3 on MAIN)and Talk-to them again. They will compliment you on your work, take the Technical plans from you, and share some secrets thay have discovered relative to advanced techniques for making the new weapon. Al Shabim will then present you with a gift of six bronze throwing darts. They will also take back the key to Captain Siad's chest.

Congratulations! You can now construct darts.
Finally, true to his word, Al Shabim will give you the pineapple the guard had requested earlier.

13. Run back east to the Desert mining camp, enter the gate (Near point 1 on MCM), enter the mine door entrance (Point 3 on MCM), and return to the guard (Near point 2 on MM). Once more choose to “Talk-to” the Guard.

The following dialog will take place:

The power of pineapple..
Guard:“That pineapple was just delicious, many thanks. I don't suppose you could get me another?”
You: “You must be joking! The last one I got you cost me double shifts working copper ore! You should be grateful you got one at all.”

14. You can now click on and walk through the Mine cave (Point 3 on MM)to the east of the Guards.

This new area has large groups of slaves in various locations doing various tasks, mostly mining ore. In the northwestern section of this area is a winch being used to haul barrels above. To the east is a mining cart (Point 4 on MM) on tracks leading to sections further east. In various areas you will notice groups of barrels. Find one of these barrels (Search Barrel) that is empty and take it.

15. Now go over to the mining cart, right click it and choose “Search Mine Cart”. Searching the same cart a second time will tell you “There may be just enough space to squeeze yourself into the cart. Would you like to try?”

Note: You may take damage (banging your head) attempting to get into the mining cart. If you are unsuccessful, keep trying. This step is required to complete the quest.

Once you are on the cart a short cut-scene will see you transported into another section of the mine aboard the cart.

16. At the end of the line you will find yourself in a large room with four primary branches. Proceed directly west and then take the first branch heading northwest.

Near the end of this branch you will finally find Ana working (Near point 5 on MM). Note there is at least one other female slave working in this area. Attempting to talk with them will give no result.

Right click Ana and choose “Talk-to Ana” for the following dialog:

Ana's side of the story…
Ana:“Hello there, I don't think I've seen you before.”
You:“What's your name?”
Ana:“My name? Oh, how sweet, my name is Ana. I come from Al-Kharid though we've only recently moved there. I was born, and did most of my growing up, in Varrock. I thought the desert might be interesting. What a surprise I got!”
You:“Do you want to go back to Al-Kharid?”
Ana:“Sure, I miss my Mum, her name is Irena and she is probably waiting for me. How do you propose we get out of here though? I'm sure you've noticed the many square jawed guards around here. You look like you can handle yourself but I have my doubts that you can take them all on!”

At this point right click the Barrel in your inventory and select “Use Barrel”. Now right click on Ana and select “Use Barrel →Ana”.

While Ana protests you will succeed in placing Ana in the barrel, telling her to shush as it is “for your own good!”

Throughout the rest of this process Ana will regularly protest from within the barrel. Fortunately no one will (hopefully) investigate! Make your way back to the mining cart that brought you into this section of the mine (Near point 6 on MM) and use the “Ana in a barrel” now in your inventory on the mining cart. The cart will depart with Ana and then return for your chance to escape. Once the cart has returned, right-click it and choose “Search Mine cart”. As happened earlier, you will be given the option to try and squeeze into the cart. Do this, keeping in mind that you can receive damage from it. If you are low in hitpoints for some reason it might be a good time to eat something prior to attempting this.

17. Once you are aboard the cart will take back into the main room. Once safely on the other side search the barrels until you find the one with Ana inside.

Note: on our server it may not require you to search for Ana's barrel! At the time of this writing merely going to the winch (Point 7 on MM) and attempting to use it will cause a guard to come help you load the barrel (which you seem to be miraculously carrying) onto the winch!

Once this is complete, exit this area of the mine and travel back through the tunnels and through the entrance/exit (Point 1 on MM) to emerge once more outside and above ground in the Desert mining camp.

18. Make your way to the south western corner of the Desert mining camp to find the above-ground winch (Point 5 on MCM). Right-click this and choose “Operate Winch” to bring the barrel with Ana to the surface.

Now right click nearby barrels till you find one with a “search” option (all the others will have “Examine” as the option). This is the barrel with Ana. Search this and you will find it and once more pick it up to reside in your inventory. Sometimes it may be necessary to repeat this process to get the barrel with Anna in it!

A short distance to your north east will be the Mine cart driver. Near them will be a Wooden cart (Near point 6 on MCM). Right click and choose to “use” the “Ana in a barrel” on the wooden cart. You will see your character struggle to lift and place the barrel onto the wooden cart.

Now right click the nearby Mine cart driver and choose the “Talk-to” option. The following dialog will take place:

Horrible jokes…?
You: “Nice cart.”
Mine cart driver:“Hmmm.”
You: “One wagon wheel says to the other, 'I'll see you around'.”
You: “One good turn deserves another.”
Mine cart driver:“Are you trying to get me fired?”
You: “Fired…. no, shot perhaps!”
Mine cart driver:“Ha ha ha! What're you in fer?”
You: “In for a penny in for a pound.”
Mine cart driver:“Ha ha ha, oh stop it! What can I do for you anyway?”
You: “Well, you see, it's like this…“
Mine cart driver:“Yeah!”
You: “There's ten gold in it for you if you leave now no questions asked.”
Mine cart driver:“If you're going to bribe me, at least make it worth my while. Now, let's say 100 Gold pieces should we? Ha ha”, “ha!”
You: “A hundred it is!”
Mine cart driver:“Great!

You will then pay them upon which they will say: ”Okay, get in the back of the cart then!

19. Right click and choose to “Search Wooden cart” to have your character board the cart. As soon as you get on the cart, it starts to move. Before too long you are past the gates. You jump off the cart taking Ana with you.

Run northeast to return to Shantay pass where Irena is waiting (Near point 1 on MAIN). Right click and choose to talk to Irena.

Cangratulations! Quest Complete!


  • 2 Quest points
  • Wrought iron key Ana found in the tunnels. This might come in handy later!
  • 4,650 XP (at 1x rate) in two (2) of the following skills of your choice:
    • Fletching
    • Agility
    • Smithing
    • Thieving
  • Ability to make throwing darts
  • 6 Bronze throwing darts
  • Access to desert mining camp (mithril and adamantite rocks).

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