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Fishing Contest Quick Guide


  • Level 10 fishing
  • 5+ coins
  • Garlic
  • Fishing Rod
  • Spade


  1. Go to the underground entrance north west of Taverly (east of white wolf mountain)
  2. Talk to Vestri, get the fishing pass
  3. Pick up a Garlic from a table in seer's village if you don't have one
  4. Go to Hemenster (next to the fishing guild)
  5. Talk to Morris
  6. Enter gate
  7. Talk to Bonzo
  8. Enjoy the cutscene
  9. Talk to grandpa jack in the house outside the contest to get a hint for the contest
  10. Enter McGrubbor's wood through a hole in the fence on the north side
  11. Check the vines, you should dig up some worms, you should only need 1
  12. Return to the fishing competition
  13. Put the garlic in the first wall pipe
  14. Enter the competition again. Warning: You must have TWO free inventory slots or you will not get the trophy.
  15. Enjoy the cutscene
  16. Return to Vestri with your trophy
  17. ???
  18. Profit

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