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Start Point

Stone circle north of Taverley, which is on a hill to the east side of the road to Burthorpe.


  • None

Items required

  • - Raw bear meat
  • - Raw beef
  • - Raw rat meat
  • - Raw chicken


  • Difficulty: Beginner.
  • Length: Short.


  • 4 Quest points,
  • 250 herblore XP,
  • Ability to use the Herblore skill.

Experience received from a task as a reward is multiplied by your xp rate


1. Talk-to Kaqemeex in the stone circle north of Taverley, which is on a hill to the east side of the road to Burthorpe, and he will tell you that the stone circle south of Varrock used to belong to them but was taken over by the dark wizards. He then tells you that you must speak to Sanfew.

2. Go back south down the road and talk to Sanfew, located upstairs in the big octagonal Herblore shop marked with a herb and tell him that you were sent to help with the ritual to purify the stone circle in Varrock. Sanfew will then tell you that he needs you to place raw rat meat, raw bear meat, raw beef and raw chicken in the Cauldron of Thunder.

Raw food locations

Chicken Farm at Lumbridge (raw chicken):

Cow Farm at Lumbridge (raw beef):

Edgeville Dungeon (for raw rat meat);

Few steps from the right exit of traverly (raw bear meat):

4. The Cauldron of Thunder is located in Taverley Dungeon. If you are a lower level, it is advised you bring food with you for the next part. Head south of Taverley and down the ladder. When you are down there, keep walking north, past the level 22 and level 25 skeletons until you see gate.

5. You will now see a cauldron. Use the raw meats in your inventory on the Cauldron of Thunder, and you will notice they will turn blue. The meats will change into their enchanted versions: enchanted bear, enchanted chicken, enchanted rat, and enchanted beef.

5. If you are done, go out the same way and run to Sanfew. After the conversation, meet Kaqemeex, and complete the quest:

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