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Nature Spirit

The swamps of Mort Myre are notoriously hazardous. Many an unknown horror is said to lurk there amidst the shadows, feasting on all flesh and leaving only rotting carcasses behind. Do you dare to enter? Even at the request of a friend who has no other resource on which to call?



  • Restless Ghost (to point at which Father Urhney gives you a Ghostspeak amulet.)
  • Priest In Peril

Items: (* acquired during quest)

  • Ghostspeak amulet
  • Silver Sickle (Made by using a silver bar on a furnace with a sickle mould in inventory. Sickle moulds may be purchased at the Al Kharid crafting store)
  • meat pies (3)*
  • apple pies (3)*


  • Several low level or low cost items of food for Ghasts to decay thereby keeping them from having a significant impact on the player's health. The meat and apple pies you will be given may be sufficient for this purpose but it may be useful to have more.
  • Note: It is suggested to have up to 12 free (empty) inventory slots for this quest.


  • Silver Sickle(b) (Blessed)
  • 2 Quest Points
  • 3,000 Crafting XP
  • 2,000 Hitpoints XP
  • 2,000 Defence XP
  • Access to Nature Altar which, when used to refresh prayer, will give a 2 point boost to that stat
  • Access to Enchanted Secateurs (See epilogue at bottom of this page)

Preparation (Prior to starting): Before beginning this quest it is wise to obtain a silver sickle. To do this, visit the Crafting Store in Al Kharid and purchase a Sickle mould. Next, obtain a silver bar (you can mine silver ore yourself, get some from a monster's drops, or purchase a bar from another player) and use the bar on a furnace to produce a silver sickle. All of this can be done in the Al Kharid area. See the Al Kharid map by clicking HEREplugin-autotooltip__default

Getting Started

Start this quest by speaking to Drezel in the temple of Saradomin on the banks of the River Salve. To begin you will need to select “Is there anything else interesting to do around here?” When he brings up a potentially dangerous mission you should answer “Well, what is it. I may be able to help?” It might be a good idea to select and read through most of the information Drezel presents you with.

  • Who is Filliman?

Filliman Tarlock is his full name and he's a Druid. He lives in Mort Myre much like a hermit, but there's many a traveler who he's helped.

  • Where's Mort Myre?

Mort Myre is a decayed and dangerous swamp to the south. It was once a beautiful forest but has since become filled with vile emanations from within Morytania. We put a fence around it to stop unwary travelers going in. Anyone who dies in the swamp is forever cursed to haunt it as a Ghast. Ghasts attack travelers, turning food to rotten filth.

After talking to Drezel you will need to agree to look for a Druid called Filliman Tarlock in the Swamps of Mort Myre. You have been warned to be wary of Ghasts and that Filliman is the only one who knew how to take them on.

As a final afterthought Drezel supplies you with 3 meat pies and 3 apple pies which he asks you to take to Filliman.

Now head down the hall south of Drezel and through the Holy barrier. You will arrive at the bridge on the River Salve at point 1 on the map.

Follow the yellow path on the map provided. You will journey through Mort Myre Swamp to the island with the nature spirit's grotto (point 2 on the map). While on this journey you may be attacked by ghasts, all but invisible enemies that you cannot yet directly fight. Their attacks may frequently cause food in your inventory to decay, emitting a horrible stench. Once decayed there is no use for having them in your inventory and you can choose to drop them to free up more inventory space.

Once you arrive at the island you will find a drawbridge on its southern border. Right click the bridge and choose “Jump Bridge”.

Once on the island you will see a mound with a tree growing out of it. Just below this tree, in the mound itself, you will notice a hole. This is the entrance to the nature grotto. Right click and search the grotto tree to recover a small tome which you will identify as “Tarlock's journal”.

Now Right click the hole itself (not the tree) and attempt to “Enter Grotto”. This will cause the spirit of Filliman Tarlock to appear. (Note: before proceeding, make -sure- you are wearing your amulet of ghostspeak from Priest in Peril!) (Note if at any time during the following the spirit vanishes, just right click and attempt to enter once more to bring them back out.)

After having a long conversation with the spirit of Filliman Tarlock (It may be best to choose all options presented) it becomes evident that he does not believe that he is, in fact, a ghost!

Take the green Washing bowl on the bench to the west. Under it you fill find a mirror. Take this also.

Talk to Filliman Tarlock once more (you may need to attempt to enter the grotto again to make him reappear).

After a short speech ending with “…And nothing of what you say reflects the truth” your character will use the mirror on the spirit. Finally, after some pretty insensitive comments on the part of your character, Filliman Tarlock comes to accept that he is a spirit.

At this point Filliman begins to wonder why he has not become a Ghast. He takes this as some sort of a sign and he needs his journal to find out what it means. Fortunately you have already recovered the journal earlier and now you give it to him.

After reading through it Filliman wonders what he should do now. You are presented with a set of response options:

  • Being dead, what options do you think you have?
  • Sp, what's your plan?
  • Well, good luck with that.
  • How can I help?
  • Ok thanks.

Ask Filliman about his plan and he tells you he wants to protect this place as a nature spirit. When you ask him how you can help he tells you he needs 3 things and your help in collecting 2 of them. The process requires:

“Something with faith, something from nature and the spirit to become freely given”

Filliman now gives you a small sheet of papyrus with some writing on it. You are informed that this is a spell to be cast in the swamp but only after you have been blessed.

Make sure you listen to Filliman's reason for why the blessing is required.

To get this blessing you are going to need to return to the Drezel in the Temple.

Once more jump the bridge to the south and head through the swamp to the point marked 1 on the map. There you will find a trap door that will lead you back to where Drezel is in the temple.

Talk to Drezel and ask him to bless you. (Gesundheit!)

Make sure you completely finish the conversations with Drezel or you'll get hung up later!

Once this is accomplished head back through the Holy barrier and return through the swamp to Filliman. (You will need to try to enter the grotto again to make him appear).

When you ask Filliman about the next step he eventually tells you to use the spell to obtain something from nature. Head back over the bridge to the south and venture into the area outlined in the orange rectangle on the map. Once there look for any log laying about in the swamp. Stand next to the log and right click on the green Druidic spell in your inventory and choose “Cast Druidic spell.”

A magical rain will appear and suddenly Fungi (mushrooms) will grow on any nearby logs! (Note this requires at least 2 prayer points per cast!) Pick at least 1 of these fungi!

Return to Filliman's island and right-click to Search the 3 stones located in front of the entrance. (Note make sure you choose “Search” and not “Examine”!)

After doing this, right click the Mort Myre fungus in your inventory and choose to “Use” it on the westernmost stone. You should see a message that the stone seems to absorb the used fungus.

Now right click on the used spell in your inventory and choose to “Use” it on the easternmost stone. You should see a message stating that the stone seems to absorb the used spell scroll. Throughout all of this Filliman will appear and comment how what you are doing seems to be right.

Finally, right click and attempt to enter the grotto again to make Filliman reappear. Now right click the orange stone to the south and select “Walk here”. Once you are in place right click and talk to Filliman. If you get stuck after placing these items correctly, and the only dialog your character says is “I have been blessed what do I do now…” bring an extra mort myre mushroom and this will prompt Filliman with a different dialog and after clicking through you will see…“I think I have solved the puzzle!”

Once you see the option to choose “I think I've solved the puzzle!” select that answer. Filliman will now attempt to cast a spell and afterwards invites you into the grotto to witness the final section of his transformation. From now on when you right click and choose to enter the grotto it will do exactly that.

When you first enter the grotto you will not see Filliman. Looking on the floor to the right (east) of the center structure you will find a “Druid pouch”. Pick this up. Right-clicking the center structure you will find the option to “Search Grotto” which will bring Filliman into the room.

Filliman now thanks you for your help in assisting him to become a nature spirit and invites you to “watch the show” as he transforms. Moments later the grotto goes from a dull mud color to being covered in green with flowers visible near the walls. Filliman himself also becomes dressed and covered in green.

At this point Filliman will offer to teach you how to kill ghasts. If you've followed the pre-quest preparations in this guide you should already be carrying a Silver Sickle in inventory. If not, the Nature Spirit now requires you to obtain one. If you don't have one and want to read about obtaining one or how it is going to help you the Nature Spirit will present you with dialog options.

You don't need to read these to complete the quest but they are available at this point.

The Nature Spirit will now bless your sickle and let you know that (should you need another one blessed in the future) you can simply dip any Silver Sickle into the holy water here (note the pool in the southeastern area of the grotto).

Once this has been done you can now use the Blessed Silver Sickle to cast the bloom spell on the swamp to produce Fungi with which you can now fill your Druid pouch.

While the dialog informs you that the Nature Spirit has given you a Druid pouch you may not find this in your inventory! Be sure you have one before proceeding further. If needed, you can always pick one up off the floor in here.

The Nature Spirit has now tasked you will killing 3 ghasts.

A few things to know:

  • You can only put Fungi in the Druid pouch in sets of 3
  • Casting the Bloom spell will use from 3 to 4 prayer points. Be sure you have points available!
  • If you need to, the altar in the Grotto can be used to recharge prayer points.
  • The Bloom spell may also make other things grow in the swamp:
    • Casting bloom near a bush may produce a Mort myre pear
    • Casting bloom near a twig may produce a Mort myre stem
  • Both of the above items may be used to fill a Druid pouch.
  • Mort Myre Fungi are also useful in Herblore for making Super energy potions.

Right click the southern wall in the grotto and choose “Exit Grotto”.

Jump the bridge and head back into the swamp. It is suggested that the area on the map outlined in orange presents some decent logs to cast Bloom on as well as a population of ghasts suitable for killing. Remember, you only need to kill 3 of them for this part of the quest.

Find some logs to stand near and right-click and choose “operate” on your Silver sickle(b) to cast bloom. Pick at least 3 Fungi and once you have 3 in inventory right-click your Druid pouch and choose “Fill Druid pouch”.

Now it is time to wander the area until a ghast appears. This time the ghast will be transformed into a visible entity which you can now kill. They are level 30. With each one killed you will get a message telling you how many you have left to kill. You will likely need to wander the area for a bit until you finally kill your 3rd ghast. At this point you will get a message stating “That's it! I've killed all 3 Ghasts!”

Return to the Nature Spirit's island (jumping the bridge once more) and enter the grotto. There you will find the Nature Spirit wearing his green robes. Right-click on them and choose “Talk-to Nature Spirit”. After confirming you have killed all 3 ghasts you are informed that you have completed your quest.


Epilogue: Magic Secateurs

Completing Nature Spirit comes with several added benefits at this time on 2009scape including access to the Fairy Ring teleport network HEREplugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigFairy Rings


Fairy Rings

Note: access to the fairy ring network requires the completion of both the Lost City and Nature Spirit quests.

Scattered around the world of 2009scape are a collection of odd looking rings that hold a secret. By standing on them while holding a
and the ability to obtain Magic Secateurs

Magic Secateurs are a very useful farming instrument, giving a player while harvesting allotments, herbs, and hops an increase in yield by 10%. At this time these cannot be used while wielding them though they do give a bonus by simply being in a player's inventory while harvesting.

Here on 2009scape they can currently be obtained by visiting the Nature Spirit after the quest and bringing a pair of normal secateurs (which are purchased at garden shops) and 40k gp. Talk to the Nature Spirit to have them enchant them.

Once the A Fairy Tale Part I quest is added this will likely change to reflect the original process (being obtained during that quest) and Malignius Mortifer (south of Falador) becoming the NPC to obtain a new pair for 40k if a player looses theirs.


  • Zencro - 28 August 2023
  • Thanks to Nie for the catch about completing the conversation with Drezel -26 September 2023

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