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Start Point

Dimintheis in south east Varrock, next to the fancy dress shop.


  • 59 Magic level
  • 40 Mining level
  • 40 Smithing level
  • 40 Crafting level


  • Difficulty: Beginner.
  • Length: Long.

Items Required

  • - Cooked shrimp
  • - Cooked salmon
  • - Cooked tuna
  • - Cooked bass
  • - Cooked swordfish
  • - A Pickaxe
  • - 2x Cut Ruby
  • - Ring mould
  • - Necklace mould
  • - Antipoison (2/3 or 4)
  • - Runes to cast all 4 elemental “Blast” spells (air runes, water runes, earth runes, fire runes, and death runes)


  • 1 Quest Points,
  • Cooking or Smithing gauntlets.


1. Talk to Dimintheis.


2. Go to Catherby and Talk to npc Caleb. Give him the fishes for his crest piece. (Cooked shrimp, Cooked salmon, Cooked tuna, Cooked bass, Cooked swordfish).

3. Talk to him again to get crest piece.

Gem Trader & Man

4. Go to Al-Kharid, Talk to the Gem trader:

5. Go to the mine in the north, Talk to the Man:

Falador Mine

6. Go to Falador: Enter the dwarven mine entrance east of the party room:

7. Run north and around the mine until you get to the anvil icon, then just go west of the anvils and talk to a dwarf named Boot.

8. Go to Ardougne, Prepare to encounter numerous Hellhounds, Go to dungeon east of Ardougne, Run past Hobhoblins, Find room with Hellhounds:

  1. Toggle lever outside room to the north
  2. Toggle lever inside room to the south
  3. Toggle lever outside room to the north again
  4. Toggle lever inside room to the north
  5. Toggle lever outside room to the north again
  6. Toggle lever inside room to the south again

9. Enter Hellhound room, let a Hellhound attack you, bait the Hellhound into a safespot behind the central perfect gold ore, Mine 2 perfect gold ore.

Perfect Jewellery

10. Make perfect gold bars at a furnace (use ore on furnace), Note: as of 17 August 2023 the Al Kharid furnace seems to be the best choice for this!

11. Make perfect ruby ring and perfect ruby necklace (use bars on furnace).

12. Give the jewellery to the man at Al-Kharid mine so he can woo his bae:

Prepare for combat with level 170 Demon (you need to use magic, it uses melee).


13. Go to Varrock, to the pub next to the lumber yard, Go upstairs. Talk to Johnathon and use antipoison potion on him:

14. Go to Edgeville dungeon, Go north, enter wildi, Go north west to Earth obelisk,

15. Hit Chronozon (not splash) with all 4 elemental blast spells,

16. Kill it and take the crest piece from ground.

Use the crest pieces on each other to make full crest.


17. Go to Varrock, back to Dimintheis to complete the Quest.

Family gauntlets

There are three types of thess gloves: Cooking gauntlets, Goldsmith gauntlets, and Chaos gauntlets:

If you want change them talk to either Caleb, Avan, or Johnathon.

Caleb supplies Cooking gauntlets (in Catherby)
Avan supplies Goldsmithing gauntlets (in Al Kharid)
Johnathon supplies Chaos gauntlets (upstairs in the bar west of the lumberyard)

If you happen to lose them speak with Dimintheis to recover them.

The fee to change them is: 25,000 gold coins.

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