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Start Point

  • Captain Lawgof, south of the Coal Trucks, north-west of the Fishing Guild.

  • to reach the captain faster you can go through the agility shortcut (requires 20 agility level) from the seers village side (along the tracks)


  • None

Items required

  • - Hammer (obtained during the quest)


  • Difficulty: Beginner.
  • Length: Short.


  • 1 Quest point
  • 750 Crafting experience
  • The ability to buy and use a dwarf multicannon
  • The ability to make cannonballs

Experience received from a task as a reward is multiplied by your xp rate

  • Combat bracelet
  • Skill Necklace

Section One

1. Talk to Captain Lawgof located south of the coal trucks.He will explain his dilemma regarding the goblin force approaching from the south. After you accept he will give you 6 railings so that you can help with fixing the fence.

If you forgot to take a hammer with you, it is in the house next door on the ground.

2. The damaged railings around the complex are clearly bent (if you zoom in and look at the fence directly from the back or front), repair these by “inspecting” the appropriate sections of railing. If you fail to repair a rail, you may take 1 or 2 damage:

After the information about the possibility of repair appears, press continue to perform it!

3. After repairing all 6 rails, talk to the Captain. Captain Lawgof will explain that communication has stopped with the watchtower.

4. Now go to the watchtower just south of the gate:

5. the dwarf remains will be on the top level of the watchtower. Take them to the Captain Lawgof:

Section Two

6. Go south near the Fishing Guild to a cave to find Lollk.

You can also teleport to the Fishing Guild using a skills necklace if you are rich.

7. The cave forks into three passages. Take the centre passage and head north-west to find the goblin outpost. Go further north-west to a room filled with crates inside.

8. Search the northern most crate on the east wall (as seen in the picture) and Lollk will jump out.

After thanking you for rescuing him, Lollk will run back to Captain Lawgof. We're going back there too.

9. Once again, we are talking to Capt. He will tell us to fix his cannon, also give the toolkit. Use the toolkit on broken cannon that located near him:

will appear with information about the correct repair on chat:

Section Three

10. Talk to Captain Lawgof again, and he will tell you that he doesn't know how to get ammo for the cannon. We need to find the answer, so we go to Dwarven mine next to barbarian village.

If you can afford it because I can't, you can use the combat bracelet and choose the option to teleport to the monastery and from there run to dwarven mine.

  • I chose to teleport to lumbridge, bought an axe at bob's, and took a boat to the barbarian village and from there I ran to dwarven mine:

11. Once you have arrived at the place i.e. the destination point marked on the map, Talk to Nulodion who is in the western building of the base. He will give you an ammo mould and instruction book.


12. Return with both items back to the Captain Lawgof. Something will say, unfortunately, will not give cannon for free, but will enable you to purchase, at this point you will complete the task:

Cannon Shop Information

Basic info:

Cannon are weapon that can be set up on the ground. When loaded with cannonballs. They attack and damage nearby enemies, has a magazine for 30 balls, after that just click on it so we can charge it.

Technical info:

  • Rotates 45° every game tick (0.6 seconds).
  • Fires at an enemy it is currently facing.
  • Range is approximately a 40×40 area centred on itself.

Purchase info:

you can buy it for 750,000 gp from Nulodion.

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