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A young woman from East Ardougne has gone missing after entering the plague-ridden and locked-down city of West Ardougne. Her father has a plan for entering the city to discover her whereabouts, but needs some help…

Start Point

Edmond house at Ardougne.


  • None

Required Items

  • - Rope
  • - Bucket (obtainable during the quest)
  • - Spade
  • - 1 x Dwellberries
  • - Bucket of milk (milk dairy cows with a bucket or buy from Hudo in Grand Tree 2F)
  • - Chocolate dust (use knife/pestle&mortar on chocolate bar, or buy from Hudo in Grand Tree 2F)
  • - Snape grass (spawns near Crafting Guild or on Waterbirth Island)
  • - Picture of Elena (obtained during quest)

You can buy all the necessary ingredients at Grand Tree groceriesplugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigGroceries

Grand Tree Groceries Location


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  • Difficulty: Beginner.
  • Length: Short.


  • 1 Quest Point
  • Access to the Ardougne Teleport spell
  • 2425 Mining XP

Experience received from a quest as a reward is multiplied by your xp rate


  • 1. Dwellberries spawn, you'll need 1 for Gas mask.
  • Fairy ring code:
  • 2. Free teleport from Edgeville to Ardougne.
  • 3. Getting a chocolate bar from shop.
  • Use knife on chocolate bar to get chocolate dust.

Getting Start

1. Talk to Edmond in East Ardougne, found outside his house in the Northwest-most part of East Ardougne. After you agree to help, he'll ask for Dwellberries in order to make a gas mask for protection from the plague inside West Ardougne. This is also a good time to grab that portrait of the girl before you head down to the sewers.

2. Talk to Alrena nearby, and she'll exchange your Dwellberries for a Gas mask.

You can get another Gas mask from the wardrobe in the house via drop trick. Be sure to take the Picture item on the table while you're here.

4. Talk to Edmond again, he will tell you his plan for entering the city. Use four buckets of water on the mud patch in Edmond's yard.

5. Afterwards, use the spade on the mud patch in order to dig down into the sewers.

Using the 'dig' option with the spade will NOT work.

Underground tunnel

6. Investigate the pipe to the south of where you enter the sewers. You will attempt to pull off the grill blocking the pipe but be unable to do so.

  • Talk to Edmond again, and he'll suggest using a rope to pull the grill off.

  • Use your rope on the grill, then talk to Edmond again. You will enter a cutscene where the two of you remove the grill. Put on your Gas mask, and climb up the pipe into West Ardougne.

7. You will enter a cutscene where the two of you remove the grill. Put on your Gas mask, and climb-up the pipe into West Ardougne.

Plague City

8. Talk to Jethick (who is wandering in the main square just east of where you enter the city) and ask about Elena. You must have the picture of Elena in your inventory at this point, or Jethick won't be able to tell you where to find her. Agree to return his book.

9. Make your way north to a small house near the northern wall, with Ted, Martha and Billy Rehnison inside. You'll return the book from Jethick upon entering, and can ask about Elena.

10. Go upstairs and talk to Milli Rehnison. She'll tell you about a plague house where she saw Elena being taken. The house is directly south, against the southern wall of the city.

11. Attempt to enter, and the Mourners there will stop you. Tell them “I think a kidnap victim is in here.”, and they'll direct you to Bravek in order to get permission to enter.

12. Go to the large building near the center of the city, and talk to the Clerk. Tell him “I need permission to enter a plague house.” followed by “Surely you don't let them run everything for you?” and finally “This is urgent though! Someone's been kidnapped!”

13. Go upstairs and talk to Bravek, who's too hungover to be of any use. Ask him about a cure for it, and he'll give you a note with the recipe for it. Kind of.

14. Combine your bucket of milk with chocolate dust, and then use snape grass on the result. Talk to Bravek again with the newly-made Hangover cure. Tell him “They won't listen to me!” to tell him the Mourners won't allow you to enter the plagued house. Bravek will give you a warrant.

Freeing Elena

15. Enter the East door of the plague house guarded by Mourners that you went to previously. You will distract the Mourners and go through the door.

16. Search the barrel inside the house for a small key, then go down the stairs.

17. Use the key on the cell door, and talk to Elena.

Quest Complete

18. At this point, you can either leave West Ardougne by teleport, or return via the manhole you entered from to get back to the sewers (the mud pile in the sewers where you came down from Edmond's yard can be climbed to get back there). Finally, speak to Edmond and you're done.

Credits: 2023/06/03 10:24 by Kirayaba

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