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Fight Arena


  • None

Required Items

* - 5 coins.

Quick Guide

  • 1. Talk to Lady Servil. (Lady Servil is located just outside the north-east corner of the hedge-maze surrounding the Tree Gnome Village)

  • 2. Search house in northeast-most corner of the arena area for Khazard set.

  • 3. Equip Khazard Armour and enter the prison and talk-to Jeremy Servil.

  • 4. talk-to with the Lazy Khazard guard.

  • 6. Walk to the Tavern and buy a glass of Khali Brew.

  • 7. Back to Lazy Khazard guard and give him the Khali Brew to receive the keys.

  • 8. Use the keys with Jeremy's cell door.

  • 9. After rescuing Jeremy, you are transferred to the arena, there you will fight the Ogre.

  • 10. After you kill the Ogre, you will you will be transferred to a cell. After that Talk to Hengrad.

  • 11. After the conversation you will return to the arena, you need to kill now the Scoprion.

  • 12. then defeat Bouncer.

  • 13. Fight General Khazard (optional). You can simply exit the arena through the door, but make sure you talk to Jeremy thoroughly to properly progress the quest.

  • 15. Return to Lady Servil to finish the quest.

Quest Complete

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Below is a list of the quest currently implemented in 2009Scape.

* Prerequisite system

Free to play


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