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Waterfall Quest

Start Point

South of the Barbarian Outpost


  • - Rope
  • - 6 x Air rune
  • - 6 x Earth rune
  • - 6 x Water rune


  • Difficulty: Beginner.
  • Length: Short.


  • 1 Quest point
  • 13,750 Strength XP
  • 13,750 Attack XP
  • 2 x Diamonds
  • 2 x Gold bars
  • 40 x Mithril seeds

Experience received from a quest as a reward is multiplied by your xp rate

Getting started

1.Speak with Almera in the Kingdom of Kandarin, found at the quest marker displayed on the game map south of the Barbarian Outpost (you can use a Games Necklace to teleport there), northwest of the Fishing Guild, or northwest of Captain Lawgof and the gates used in the Dwarf Cannon quest. Refer to the map below for the location.


2. After asking her what you can do for her she informs you her son, Hudon, is seeking treasure in the river to her west. Tell her you will check on them and board the Log raft at the river's edge to your west.

3. After a moment your raft will crash into a small land mound in the middle of the stream. Hudon will be standing on the western shore near you. Right click on Hudon and choose “Talk-to Hudon”.


4. After asking if he is Ok, Hudon responds by saying “Don't play nice with me, I know you're looking for the treasure too.” After suggesting you could try to help him he answers “I'm fine alone.” and the scene ends. You are informed that Hudon is refusing to leave the waterfall.

5. Walk south from where your raft has crashed till you can see a large rock jutting from another island to your south. This may require adjusting your view point to a lower or differing angle.

If you brought your rope, use it on this rock to cross to the next island.

If not, clicking on the rock will cause you to jump into the water where you will arrive further downstream though slightly hurt from the journey.

Going Further

If you made it to the island with your rope, use the rope next with the dead tree there to climb down the cliff face where a barrel is waiting. Climb into the barrel to be carried downstream without receiving any damage.

6. You will arrive on the shore near a house surrounded by a wall, proceed around the wall to enter the house.

7. When you find Hadley (he may be inside or outside the house) right click on him and choose “Talk-to-Hadley.”


Hadley will discuss the elf-king who was buried beneath the waterfall. After saying goodbye climb up the circular staircase in the center of the main room to the next floor up.

8. Once there, search the bookcase located on the southern end of the eastern wall where you will find a book named “Book on Braxtorian.” Read this to learn the story of Glarial. Make sure to click the “next” arrows to turn the pages till you are done reading the book.

9. Make your way to the maze of the Tree Gnome Village south of Ardougne (if you've completed Tree Gnome Village, you can get there quickly with the Spirit Tree via the Grand Exchange). Once there, make your way to the ladder located in the southern part of the maze.

10. Once down the ladder you will be in a room with level 42 Hobgoblins. Head east into the next room which bends to the north. This room will have level 42 Giant bats. Search the second crate east of the entrance to this room (there are 2 crates stacked atop each other here) where you will find a large key. This will show up in your inventory as “A Key”. Run back down the way you came into this cave and go past the ladder to the far western room. Here you will find Golrie imprisoned behind the bars of a cell. Use the A Key on the door to enter and talk with him. While in conversation you will find Glarial's Pebble on the floor. You will Keep this.

11. The best option to leave this place is to use a Camelot teleport (45 Magic) if you have it. If not, choose any teleport that allows you to bank any armor and weapons you are carrying. If Tree Gnome Village is complete, one easy option for the teleport challenged in 2009scape is to climb back up the ladder and use the Spirit Tree found near the center of the maze to teleport to Tree Gnome Village. You can bank in a tree here (see the world map) and easily run to your next location.

Note the importance of banking weapons and armor! Neither can be brought into the Glarial's Tomb area! Also, be aware that PRAYER DOES NOT WORK IN THIS LOCATION! While in the tomb area you will be encountering level 84 Moss Giants. Plan on taking any required food accordingly!

12. Once you have prepared accordingly (and don't forget to include Glarial's Pebble in your inventory) make your way to Glarial's tombstone.

13. Once you reach Glarial's tombstone right click to read it. Then right click the pebble in inventory and choose “use” and click on the tombstone to Use Glarial's pebble → Glarial's tombstone.

14. You will next climb down where you find yourself at the foot of a ladder with level 25 Skeletons roaming the area. Run to the west till you find a closed chest. Click on it to Open closed chest.

15. Searching the chest you will find a small amulet. Make sure you have room in inventory to pick it up.

Once you have it, run back east and take the passageway to the south. Here you will enter a room with green grass and trees. There will be more skeletons present as well as another Moss Giant. Run past them to find Glarial's tomb at the southernmost end. Clicking on the tomb you will see a message “You search the coffin and inside you find an urn full of ashes.”

16. Return to your bank of choice (my personal favorite being Seer's Village via Camelot teleport), taking the time to re-equip armor and weapons, stock up on food, and optionally grab a prayer-restore potion and recharge your prayer.1) Make sure to include the urn, amulet, at least 6 Air runes, 6 Water runes, 6 Earth runes, and a ROPE in your inventory. Bringing an extra dose of prayer restore may be advisable as you will soon be encountering Shadow Spiders which normally drain your prayer reserves.

Almera House

17. Once more make your way back to the raft located behind Almera's house. Use the rope on the rock once you've crashed again and then on the dead tree to reach the ledge with the entrance to the final cavern. Make sure you now equip Glarial's amulet to enter the cave.

18. You will now find yourself in a passageway leading into the main area. Now would be a good time to equip any amulet with combat bonuses before proceeding. Run past the level 52 Shadow Spiders to take the door to the east. In here you will encounter some level 16 Skeletal mages and level 45 Skeletons. Search the stack of 2 crates at the northernmost point of this room to find an item identified as “A Key.” The text will note that you have found “a large key.”

19. Run back past the Shadow Spiders to a door to enter a room located in the far west. Behind this door are some level 84 Fire Giants. Open the door and run past them to the locked door to their north. Use your A Key to open this door. This will lead to a short passage to another door. Open this door to access a room with 6 pillars. Use the 6 Air, Water, and Earth runes on a pillar here (in 2009scape you only need to use one of these rune types on a single pillar to put all the runes in all the pillars so long as you have at least 6 of each in your inventory). Next use Glarial's Amulet on the Statue of Glarial (the one on the left). Now use your urn on the Chalice of Eternity (now accessible).

WARNING! Do NOT attempt to take the Chalice or you will find yourself washed down the waterfall and you will be required to to get another urn and amulet and redo these steps!

-To get the Glarial's Pebble again from the Tree Gnome Village, you don't need the Book on Braxtorian anymore. Just go straight to the maze and down the ladder.

-You need new runes (6 Air, 6 Water and 6 Earth) to put into the pillars. If you miss this step, rock drops from the ceiling and your player dies when you're attaching the Glarial's Amulet on the Statue of Glarial again.


Congratulations! Quest Complete!

Credits: Zencro, Ukko Pekka - (Notes on redoing important parts! 1 October 2023)

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