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Shooting Stars


Shooting stars are one of the more unique things about 2009scape, and no, these are not from OSRS! With shooting stars in 2009scape, they serve as a point for the community to gather around and hang out while they break down the star, and offer some nice daily incentives for earning GP as well.


In order to participate in shooting star mining, you need a minimum of level 10 mining to mine the lowest level (level-1) star. This increases along with the star's size, capping out at a level 90 requirement for level-9 shooting stars. As more players start to mine the star, the level of the star will gradually decrease, allowing for players with lower mining levels to join (in which there's an announcement in Game chat to indicate what level).

General Guide

In general, shooting stars are a fantastic way to gain mining XP and the only semi-afk option 2009scape offers for mining. Once a star has landed at a location and the star has depleted all of its stardust from the player(s) mining it (or time runs out), the Star Sprite will appear. The Star Sprite acts as a daily turn-in for the stardust that, at 200 stardust, rewards 50k gold pieces and various runes. There is also an initial claim bonus for the first person to find and click on the star that scales to that player's mining level, which can result in a very hefty chunk of XP, especially on higher XP rates.

Unique Content

Shooting stars in 2009scape come in various shapes and sizes, and each have their own properties and chance at an Ancient Blueprint. The Ancient Blueprint is an item that allows you to unlock the Ring of the Star Sprites, both of these items are original to 2009scape. See Ring of the Star Spritesplugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigRing of the Star Sprite


The Ring of the Star Sprite is the very first functional (benefit-providing) custom item added to the game. Its appearance resembles a silver dragonstone ring wherein the dragonstone appears to be infused with stardust. According to 2009scape lore, Star Sprites actually used to make these for fun as a sort of hobby and hand them out to adventurers just for fun, until one of the adventurers used the ring to teleport onto a star sprite's star as he was flying away and caused him to crash st…
for more info on them.

Star Level and Stardust Content

Below you can find a table for each star's level, the experience given per stardust mined, the level requirement, the total amount of stardust that level contains, and that level's chance at rewarding a player with an ancient blueprint each time they mine some stardust.

TierLevelEXP/dustStardustAncient Blueprint Chance


Shooting Stars can land in a wide variety of locations and an announcement is made in chat when one lands, informing players of where they landed. Below, you can find a table detailing where each star lands based on the message it gives in the announcement.

Locationjust crashed near…
Al Kharid bank
Al Kharid mining site
Ardougne mining site
Brimhaven mining site
Canfis mining site
Crafting Guild site
Crandor south mining
Dark Wizard west mining
Dual Arena bank
Falador east bank
Kandarin coal trucks
Karamja mining site
Karamja northwestern mining site
Kharidian Desert mining site
Lava maze mining site
Lletya bank
Lumbridge South East mining
Mage Arena bank
Mos Le'Harmless bank
Nardah bank
Nardah mining site
Pirate Hideout
Piscatoris mining site
Granite & Sand mining site
Rimmington mining site
Shilo Village mining
Wilderness south mining
Wilderness Volcano bank
Wilderness Hobgoblins
Yanille bank
Varrock south west


On the 2009scape server it is tradition to wear a white mystic hat while mining the juicy moon rock.

It is polite to ask everyone how much dust they have in order to make sure everyone, such as latecomers or low level miners when there's a large amount of people, can mine and turn in dust when the Star Sprite appears.

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