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Priest in Peril

There's something going on on the eastern border of Varrock and King Roald needs someone to look into it. The way to Varrock is protected from the dangers of the eastern reaches by the hard work of the monks on the shores of the River Salve. Will you take up the responsibility to make sure their critical work has not been interrupted?



  • Empty Bucket
  • 50x Rune or Pure Essence.1) Note that this can NOT be noted for this quest!


  • Ability to defeat a Level 30 Temple guardian using only Mele or Ranged attacks and potentially multiple Level 30 Monks of Zamorak.


  • Rune Mysteries (for access to mine essence though this quest requirement may be circumvented by collecting essence from monster drops or other means of purchase!)



  • Digsite pendant (Requires Levels 40 Crafting (ruby necklace) and 49 Magic (enchant ruby) to make and enchant. This item is untradeable and as such may NOT be purchased!)2)
  • Varrock teleport method
  • Armour and a good Mele weapon
  • Food

Getting Started

Speak with King Roald of Varrock in his palace (point 1 in the above map) and tell him you are looking for a quest. The King is amused at your odd request but does think they have something you can do for them. He tells you about the temple on the river Salve to the east which guards the entrance to the lands of Morytania. It has been several days since the King last heard from Drezel, the priest who lives there, and he would like you check up on him.

Gather any armour, food, and weapons you may need to kill a Level 30 Temple guardian using only Mele or Ranged attacks! Make your way to the Monastery on the border to the east (identified as point 2 on the map above). On reaching the building you will find the door securely locked. Right clicking on it will give the option to Knock on door.

After some conversation with unseen people behind the door (one of them suspiciously identifies himself as “Drezel”) you are asked to do them a favor. Being the helpful “buddy” that you are, you agree to kill a “horrible big dog” underneath a nearby mausoleum.

Head north to the nearby cemetery. Against the northernmost wall you will find a mausoleum (point 3 on the above map). Inside it is a trap door. Right click to open it and descend the ladder.

Now you are face-to-face with a Level 30 Temple guardian, the “horrible big dog” you have been sent to kill.

Once you've successful completed the task of killing the dog, head back up the ladder and return to the still locked Monastery door. Once more you will need to Knock-at the Large door before informing the occupants of your courageous deed. The voice is grateful for your hard work and suggests you return to the King to inform them of your deed.

Make your way back to the palace in Varrock (a Varrock teleport would be nice at this point) and talk once more to King Roald (still located at point 1 on the above map).

To put it bluntly…The King Is Not Amused!

After calling you a cretin (and while suggesting that he is considering beheading you for high treason) you are tasked to return and do whatever is necessary safeguard his kingdom from attack!

Note: Before proceeding further make sure to visit a nearby bank (Varrock's east bank is a good choice and on the way) to collect Varrock teleport supplies (you will need at least 2 more return trips to Varock), an empty bucket, and any armour, weapons, and food to keep you through combat with Level 30 Monks of Zamorak. You will also eventually need 1 free inventory spot at one point.

Return to the Monastery (point 2 on the map above). This time, instead of only knocking at the door, you can now choose to open it.

Warning! Players with lower combat levels may come under attack as soon as they step inside the Temple!

Proceed up the stairways to the next level and from there take the ladder to the top floor.

Arriving at the top floor you find it to contain a Morytania coffin placed near the door to what appears to be a hastily built yet secure jail cell. Inside is none other than Drezel, the monk you have been sent to find!

To finally speak with Drezel right click his Cell door and choose the “” option.

Drezel is surprised and gladdened to see you, recognizing instantly that you do not appear to be one of the Zamorakians who have imprisoned him. After telling him of your mission and confirming his identity Drezel will tell you of his concerns over what his captors may be up to. He states that if these Zamorakians should manage to desecrate the holy river Salve the lands to the west will be defenceless against Morytania. He eventually offers to tell you the long tale of the river Salve and its role in protecting the lands to the west. You have the option to choose to have him tell you or not.

Drezel's Tale

…Well, the story of the river Salve and how it protects Misthalin is the story of this temple, and of the seven warrior priests who died here long ago, from whom I am descended. Once long ago Misthalin did not have the borders that it currently does. This entire area, as far West as Varrock itself was under the control of an evil god. There was frequent skirmishing along the borders as the brave heroes of Varrock fought to keep the evil creatures that now are trapped on the eastern side of the River Salve from over running the human encampments who worshipped Saradomin. Then one day, Saradomin himself appeared to one of our mighty heroes, whose name has been forgotten by history, and told him that should we be able to take the pass that this temple now stands in, Saradomin would use his power to bless this river, and make it impassable to all creatures with evil in their hearts. This unknown hero grouped together all of the mightiest fighters whose hearts were pure that he could find and the seven of them rode here to make a final stand. The enemies swarmed across the Salve but they did not yield. For then days and nights they fought, never sleeping, never eating, fuelled by their desire to make the world a better place for humans to live. On the eleventh day they were to be joined by reinforcements from a neighbouring encampment, but when those reinforcements arrived all they found were the bodies of these seven brave but unknown heroes, surrounded by the piles of the dead creatures of evil that had tried to defeat them. The men were saddened at the loss of such pure and mighty warriors, yet their sacrifice had not been in vain; for the water of the Salve had indeed been filled with the power of Saradomin, and the evil creatures of Morytania were trapped beyond the river banks forever by their own evil. In memory of this brave sacrifice my ancestors built this temple so that the land would always be free of the evil creatures who wish to destroy it, and laid the bodies of those brave warriors in tombs of honour below this temple with golden gifts on the tombs as marks of respect. They also built a statue on the river mouth so that all who mighty try and cross into Misthalin from Morytania would know that these lands are protected by the glory of Saradomin and that good will always defeat evil, no matter how the odds are stacked against them…

In the end Drezel asks if you will aid him in foiling the Zamorakian plot and repairing the damage done to the purity of the Salve.

You have the option to agree to help or not.

After agreeing to help, Drezel goes on to itemize the next steps you must take:

  • Getting Drezel out of his cell,

Drezel tells you that the key to his cell is likely nearby as none of his captors were ever gone for a long period of time.

  • Imprison the Vampire within his coffin,

Drezel surmises the Vampire is one of those that survived the battle at the Salve many years ago and is, by now, “quite mad.” He has been told by his captors that, as a descendant of those who trapped the Vampire, it will recognize the smell of his blood and arise to kill him should he attempt to leave the cell. Drezel thinks your suggestion of killing it while it is sleeping would not be wise as “…it is a little more than a wild animal, and must be extremely powerful to have survived until today.” Somehow it must be incapacitated.

Getting Drezel out of his cell

At this point you should descend the ladder to the floor below. Here (or one floor further down) you will need to kill the Level 30 Monks of Zamorak until one of them drops a Golden key. Note: There are other Monks of Zamorak on both the ground and middle floors that are levels 17 and 22. These do NOT drop the key you need!

Once you have the Golden key:

Go upstairs and receive some much deserved chastisement for your earlier actions by speaking with Drezel again. Once more you will have to right click his Cell door and choose the “” option.

Drezel will proceed to tell you how he knows the key to his cell is nearby by recounting what he overheard from his captors. It was something about them laughing over the story of some gullible fool that they had tricked into killing the guard dog at the monument. He comments on the idiocy of someone just going around killing things just because a stranger told them to. After listening to this someone being referred to as “oafish”, “numb-skulled”, “dim-witted”…you will “get the picture”…

Head back down the ladder and either staircase to return to the ground floor. Make your way once more to the mausoleum in the cemetery north of the temple and, again, go down the ladder.

The gate at the end of the chamber where you killed the Temple guardian (dog) earlier will now open for you. Follow the path until you enter a room with seven (7) monuments arranged in a circle around a well.

Examining these monuments reveals an engraved plaque on each extolling a particular virtue of Saradomin. Find the one that reads “Saradomin is the key that unlocks the mysteries of life.

Using your golden key on this monument will produce an iron key in your inventory. Take this key to Drezel who is still waiting patiently in his cell.

Using the Iron key on the Cell door will prompt Drezel to thank you. Now open the cell door and go in to talk with him. You will inform him that the key fitted the lock and that he is free to leave now. Drezel reminds you that he cannot risk waking the nearby vampire in the coffin.

When asked for suggestions on dealing with vampire Drezel states that he believes the water of the Salve should still have enough power to work against the vampire and that you should try to find a way to get ahold of some. Fortunately you happen to have an empty bucket handy!

Containing the Vampire

Once again you should return to the mausoleum and from there make your way to the chamber where you found the monuments to Saradomin. Using your empty bucket on the well in the center of the room should produce a Bucket of water.

Return to Drezel with the bucket of water.

When you present it to him you will ask him to bless it for you.

After Drezel has done this take the newly blessed bucket of water (Note: examining it at this point does not indicate that is blessed even though it is!), exit the cell and use the Bucket of water on the Morytania coffin just outside the cell door. Once done, reenter the cell and speak with Drezel again. Drezel thanks you and says they will meet you down by the monument.

Once more head to the mausoleum, down the ladder and into the chamber with the well beyond. This time you will open the gate in the northeastern corner of the room and find Drezel waiting to talk with you.

Repairing the Damage Done

Apparently things are worse than he had originally feared and he is not sure if he will be able to repair the damage. In the course of your discussion you will come up with a plan that just might work..repurifying the river!

To do this you will need to bring him “around fifty” magical ores that he has heard about (Rune essence or Pure essence). Use your Varrock teleport method (or run) to get to the nearest bank. There retrieve as close to a full inventory as you can carry of UN-NOTED essence of either or both varieties. Note: Your maximum inventory (without the use of a beast of burden from Summoning) is 28 items. AS such you will need to make at least two (2) trips to the bank to be able to present him with 50 items!

Once this is done Drezel will announce the job is completed and Misthalin should be protected once more!

Congratulations! Quest Completed!


  • 1 Quest Point
  • 1,406 Prayer XP (at 1X XP Modifier)
  • Wolfbane dagger
  • Routes to Canafis and the East are now open!

Additional Notes:

Note: Stats given here are per this Quest as it existed in March 2023 on our server. Some elements referenced in this guide may change should the quest require updating. Always double check enemy combatants' levels prior to engaging. This guide is subject to periodic updates.


* Zencro (March 2023)

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