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Rag and Bone Man

The world of Gielinor is host to many an odd and eccentric character, yet deep in the hills between the River Salve and the fence that leads to more hospitable places there lives one who has a strange profession…to collect bones. Can you help this would-be archaeologist in his task to replace some bones in his collection?


Required Items

  • - Rope
  • - Tinderbox
  • - 8 x Jug of Vinegar
  • - Light Source (Candle, Bullseye Lantern)
  • - 8 x Logs
  • - 8 x Empty pot
  • - 10 x Coins.


  • Difficulty: Beginner.
  • Length: Short.


  • 2 Quest Points
  • 500 Cooking XP
  • 500 Prayer XP

Tips & Useful items

  • Teleport or other transport methods to
    • Ardougne
    • Camelot
    • Falador
    • Lumbridge
    • Varrock
  • Digsite pendant1)
  • Amulet of Glory (charged)
  • Combat levels or means to kill: Goblins, Bears, Big Frog, Ram, Unicorn, Monkey, Giant Rat, Giant Bat

Experience received from a quest as a reward is multiplied by your xp rate

Getting started

Use whatever means are convenient to you to reach the location marked as 1 on our map. Suggested means could be Digsite pendant (See map), Varrock teleport and run to the location, Fairy ring to Canafis2) (C K S) and go through the temple and then run to same location, Slayer Ring teleport to Morytania Slayer Tower and do the same or any other means you prefer.

Once you arrive in the area search for the Odd Old Man wandering about. He should be quite noticeable as he has a strange bag draped over his back. When you talk with him and ask what he is doing way out here you will learn that he claims to be an archaeologist. He says he has some broken bones that he is wanting to replace with new ones. Strangely enough, throughout the conversation, you will hear the sack on his back apparently mumbling! It…almost seems as if something in the sack is telling him what to say….

Eventually he will mention a “snag” he has hit and you will have the option of saying “Anything I can do to help?”

You could also ask him about the mumbling sack. This may bring a somewhat curt response from him in the form of his saying: “Anyway, I have enough problems of my own without dealing with a delusional adventurer.

If you (being the brave and kind adventurer that you are) choose to help him he will ask your help with collecting various types of bones. The current3) list includes a:

  • Goblin skull,
  • bear ribs,
  • big frog leg,
  • ram skull,
  • unicorn bone,
  • monkey paw,
  • giant rat bone
  • giant bat wing

Note: you will only need one (1) of each of the above to complete this quest! Once you are done with the conversation you can begin retrieving them.

The Paths Preferred

Goblin Skull

While Goblins can be found in many places, one of the closest with a nearby teleport is dear old Lumbridge. Once there, make your way east across the bridge and then north to the second house. This is marked 2 on our maps. Here you will find plenty of Goblins willing to lose their head to help.

Make sure to pick up the skull once it drops.

Ram skull

Again in Lumbridge, a Ram skull can be obtained by killing one of those penned with sheep north of the castle. This area is marked 3 on our maps.
Make sure to pick up the Ram skull once it drops.

Giant Rat bone

Now, make your way behind the castle in Lumbridge and kill one of the many Giant Rats south west of the castle perimeter. This area is marked as 4 on our maps.
Make sure to pick up the Giant Rat bone once it drops.

Big Frog Leg

It is important to note that this target is NOT A GIANT FROG but rather a BIG FROG. Before heading into the nearby Lumbridge swamp caves (where this critter lives) make sure you have your light source with you!

Head into the Lumbridge Swamp caves either via the swamp entrance (marked as 5 on our maps) -or- the entrance via the tunnel in the Lumbridge castle cellar, (requires Lost Tribe quest) .

Big Frogs can be found in multiple areas down here but the easiest is probably marked as 6 on our maps.

Make sure to pick up the Big Frog Leg once it drops.

Bear ribs

Again, there are several places to find bears but, since you're not that far away, it is suggested you head northeast of Lumbridge to the south eastern Varrock mining area. There you'll find a fuzzy bear that is in need of a good fight near the spot marked 7 on our maps.
Make sure to pick up the ribs once they drop.

You may also win the thanks of any low combat miners in the area! And, as luck would have it…

Unicorn bone

Not far from the above bear you will likely find a wandering unicorn near the spot marked 8 on our maps…what luck! As before, kill it and collect the bone once it drops!
Make sure to pick up the bone once it drops.

Monkey Paw

Make your way to Karamja using any means convenient to you. Suggested means could include:

  • Amulet of Glory (charged) - Karamja teleport
  • From Port Sarim take the boat (speak to either the Captain of any crew member) to Karamja (30 gp)
  • From any dock (except Port Sarim) with a Charter ship speak with a crew member:
    • Catherby (480 gp)
    • Port Khazard (1,600 gp)
    • Port Tyras (3,200 gp) What are you doing way out here?!?
    • Port Phasmatys (1,850 gp)
    • Mos Le Harmless (1,025 gp)
  • Alternately you could use any means (such as the above) to get to Brimhaven including a Home teleport (if your house is there) (Requires Level 40 Magic)

Note: If hunting for monkeys in the Brimhaven area look out for aggressive tribesman (Level 86).

You'll find some monkeys near the spot marked as 9 on our maps. Once you manage to kill a monkey it may drop a Monkey Paw.

Make sure to pick up the Monkey Paw once it drops.

Giant Bat wing

The Giant Bat (Level 64) may be found in numerous places including:

  • Keep Le Faye, southwest of Catherby along the shore. If able use Fairy ring (B L R) and head north east.
  • Coal Trucks, west of McGrubor's woods and Seers Village, also accessible via northwest of Fishing Guild (skills necklace teleport) and Ardougne
  • Karamja volcano, accessed by the rope at the entrance marked as 10 on our maps. (See above on getting to Karamja though if you're following this guide you should already be there)

Preparing the Bones

At this point it is time to process the bones. First you will need some vinegar. Head to Draynor village's market place and locate Fortunato. He may be found wandering in the square. He will gladly sell you some vinegar. Be sure to pickup at least 8 jugs of vinegar. Now make sure you have a tinderbox and as many logs as you have bones and all 8 empty pots in your inventory. It might be wise to take advantage of the Draynor village bank to prepare before you head back to the Odd Old Man.

If you choose to do this,

  • Put your vinegar in each of your empty pots (you can dispose of or bank the empty jugs now)
  • Put one set of bones in each of your pots with vinegar in them

You should now have:

  • 8 x Bone-in-pots
  • 8 x logs
  • tinderbox
  • Room in inventory for any extra teleport runes etc. for when you're done with the quest…

Its now time to head back to the Odd Old Man where we started this quest… After talking to the Odd Old Man you will be informed that (as he had mentioned before) the bones must be prepared before he will accept them.

  • Use a log on the pot boiler on the floor next to the Odd Old Man
  • Use a Bone-in-pot on the pot boiler
  • Use your tinderbox with the pot boiler

The bone will boil in the pot. Once this is done you should remove the pot from the pot boiler and obtain one clean bone.

Repeat this until you have obtained clean bones from all the bone-in-pots that you have boiled.

Now its time to present these bones to the Odd Old Man.

When you have completed this he will mention that the museum will be thrilled with his completed collection.


Congratulations! Quest Complete!

Video guide


  • Zencro - 11 & 26 November 2023
  • RWBY - 11 November 2023
  • HAX - 14 November 2023

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