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Start Point

Dock at Port Sarim.



  • Able to defeat a gardener (level 4).


  • None.


  • - White Apron
  • - Spade
  • - 60 Coins


  • Difficulty: Beginner.
  • Length: Short.


  • 2 Quest points
  • Ability to use the pay-fare option to and from Karamja.
  • Treasure Chest (contains a gold ring, an emerald, and 450 coins).


1. Talk to Redbeard Frank (located in front the northernmost dock in Port Sarim). He wants you to get some Karamjan rum before he'll tell you the location of the treasure. If you have already completed the quest Rum Deal, your character will ask Redbeard Frank if Braindead Rum will work.

Trip to Karamja

2. Walk south on the docks to see three sailors (NOT the Monks of Entrana). Talk to any one of these sailors to board the ship to Karamja for 30 coins.

3. Disembark the ship once you arrive, and start heading west. You will see a banana plantation, tear 10 bananas:

4. Leave the plantation and run to a nearby bar and buy rum for Frank (you can also for yourself, but you have to drink in one gulp, because you can't take anything out)

5. Walk to the hut east of the banana plantation and speak to Luthas.

(Ask for a job, and he will hire you as his worker):

6. Next to the Luthas hut, it is a crate, fill the crate with the bananas, and at the end add the rum you bought earlier.

7. Once the crate is full, talk to Luthas again. You'll receive 30 coins.

8. Back to the pier and talk to the Officer, in order to return, will search you, it will turn out that you have nothing and you will return to the Port Sarim.

Back to Port Sarim

9. The rum was transported by ship in bananas, now we have to go get it.

if you didn't get the white apron earlier, it's in the fishing store right next to the harbor:

Head to the left of the ship and go to a nearby store (remember to wield a white apron).

10. Enter the staff room and search the crate on which the banana is lying, you will get from it the rum you bought and hide earlier.

11. Come back to Frank and talk with him. As a reward, he will give you the key to the treasure chest:

Getting a Treasure

12. Treasure chest is located in Varrock, exactly in the bar on 1st floor, we run there.

13. Using the key to open the chest, you will receive a parchment with the location of the treasure.


14. Now we go to dig up the treasure. head to the city of Falador, exactly to Falador Garden:

15. Use the shovel where I am standing, there will be a Gardener to defeat, after you kill him, use the shovel again to complete the quest:

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