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Start Point

Seers' Village, the house south-west of the bank.


  • 20 Mining level,
  • 20 Smithing level,
  • 20 Crafting level,
  • Ability to K.O the Earth Elemental (level-35).

Items required

  • - Knife
  • - Pickaxe
  • - Needle
  • - Thread
  • - Leather
  • - Hammer
  • - 4 x Coal ore


  • Difficulty: Beginner.
  • Length: Short.


  • 1 Quest Point,
  • 5,000 x Crafting XP,
  • 5,000 x Smithing XP,
  • Access to the Elemental Workshop,
  • An elemental shield, as well as the ability to make and wield them.

Experience received from a quest as a reward is multiplied by your xp rate


1. Head to Seers' Village and into the house immediately south-west of the bank, indicated by the quest start icon.

2. Search the bookcase on the east wall to receive a book titled The Elemental Shield:

3. Open it and read or page through it, then use the knife on the book to extract the key we need:

4. Enter the north building with the anvil icon, and click the odd-looking wall with the strange crack in order to use your key. Climb down the stairs you find there to enter a workshop.


5. Head into the western cavern and attempt to mine an elemental rock.

The rock springs to life, yells, and attacks you.

Kill the earth elemental, then pick up the elemental ore that it drops.

Note: You can do this additional times if you'd like to make additional shields later on.

First Room

6. Back to center and run to north room, we need to get the water wheel on.

7. Turn on water controls on both sides of the wheel, Then pull the lever near the water wheel.

(to make it work start from the right side)

Second Room

8. Get back to center. If you do not bring the leather with you, you can take it from the crate:

(marked in the yellow square below)

9. Run to second room, to the east. You will see the Bellow, we need to fix it, and turn it on:

10. Back to center again, and search the next crate to find a stone bowl:

Final Room

11. After you get the stone bowl, run south to the final room, and use the bowl on lava trough then use bowl with hot lava on furnace:

12. Proceed to use the elemental ore, along with four coal, on the furnace to obtain an elemental metal.

Note: If you get a message about the furnace not being hot enough, go to the water wheel room to make sure the wheel is spinning. If it isn't, make sure both dials are green, and then pull the lever. If a dial won't turn green, log out and log back in and try again. Next, go to the bellows room and make sure the bellows are pumping. The bellows must be activated after the wheel is spinning. If they aren't pumping, make sure the bellows are fixed and then pull the lever.


13. Back to center, and use the Elemental Metal on Workbench:

14. Quest complete:

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