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Start Point

  • Rantz, east of Feldip Hills.


  • 30 Cooking Level
  • 5 Fletching Level
  • 30 Ranged Level

Items required

  • - Any axe
  • - Feathers (more than 100)
  • - Knife
  • - Chisel
  • - Hammer

Items that are needed but you will get them easily along the way:

  • 4x Wolf Bones
  • Cabbage
  • Tomato
  • Onion
  • Potato
  • Equa leaves
  • Doogle leaves


  • Difficulty: Beginner.
  • Length: Short.


  • 2 Quest Points
  • 262 Fletching XP
  • 1470 Cooking XP
  • 735 Ranged XP
  • Ogre Bow

Experience received from a quest as a reward is multiplied by your xp rate


1. Start in Al Kharid, near the gate. We will use glider from here to the Feldip Hills.

Currently it is free and does not require any task

2. Select a destination: Lemantolly Undri

3. Once there; run east and talk-to Rantz:

You can collect items for the task along the way, on the map below are marked places where you can find the necessary items [yellow] and where I find the rantz [green]

  • Doogle leaves

  • Cabbage

  • Onion

  • Tomato

  • Equa Leaves (next to them you will also find potatoes)

if you did not take the wolf bones with you, along the way you will encounter level 64 wolve's from which they drop.

4. If you have collected all the necessary items talk to Rantz:

(he will tell you that he is hungry but in order to eat something first you have to hunt and cook it. The first thing he asks us to do is to create a bow and arrow)

Next to the rantz, there are achey trees which we cut down (chop chop)


5. Now we create the arrows:

(Rantz need 6, but remember we will need them too so make more of them);

  • Use a knife on a achey log to create ogree arrow shaft's

  • Use a chisel on the wolf bones to get wolf arrow tips.

  • Use feathers on the shafts then connect the flighted ogre arrows with the wolfbone arrowtips to create ogre arrows and give them to Rantz.

6. After giving him a arrows, talk to him again.

(He'll tell you something about swamp toads and that there's a ogree bellow* in his chest that we need in the cave so we head there):

7. Search the chest to retrieve the bellow:

The bellows are first filled with three loads of swamp gas from the swamp to the west. They are then used on the Swamp Toads found nearby to produce bloated toads.

8. Now we leave the cave and run to the lake to fill the bellow and inflate the toads (south-west of Rantz):

9. Use the bellow on a toad (which are in this place) to get a bloated toad.

(we need three of them):


10. After that, we back to Rantz and start talk.

  • He will show you where you need to place the toads to lure the chompy birds out.
  • drop toad on the spot (a yellow flashing arrow will mark it).

  • after drop, run and wait.
  • Rantz will take a shot at it, but he will miss.
  • due the failure, We will offer to help and shot for him.
  • He agree, additionally giving us a Ogree bow.

11. Go again to chumpy spot and drop the rest of the toads, Move back a bit, wield a bow and wait for chumpy.

12. If they appear, attack it:

(if he escaped after a hit, try again)

13. if you managed to shoot the bird, run up to his body and click “pluck”:

14. After that, just pick the raw chomp and come back to Rantz:

(will be pleased, he will also ask you that before cooking the food you ask his children what they want for the extras to go with it)

15. So we run to the cave and ask both of them, which they reply:


16. We leave the cave and talk toRantz again, then we go to the campfire and roast raw chomp:

if you were successful you should receive this information:

17. Go back to the Rantz and give him food. Will be happy, say something and inform you that the task is completed:

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