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Dragon Slayer

Start Point

Guild Master in Champion's Guild.


  • Skills: Ability to defeat a level 83 monster, level 33 Magic1)
  • Quests: 33 Quest Points
  • Items:
    • 2,000 Coins (if your Magic level is at least 33)
    • 1x Anti-Dragon Shield*
    • 3x Colored Keys*
    • 1x Hammer
    • 1x Lobster Pot
    • 3x Map Pieces*
    • 1x Maze Key*
    • 3x Plank
    • 1x Silk
    • 90x Steel Nails
    • 1x Unfired Bowl
    • 1x Wizard's Mind Bomb
    • 1x Air Rune and 1x Law Rune to cast Telekinetic Grab

* Indicates an item that is obtained during this quest.

  • Skills: 35 in all melee Combat skills, 33 Magic, 37 Prayer
  • Quests: None
  • Items: At least Rune or Adamant Armor and Weapons, Amulet of Power or Strength, Decent Food (e.g., Lobsters), x1-3 Potions of Strength, x3-5 Teleport Runes


  • Difficulty: Experienced
  • Length: Long

Getting Started

A map of routes to the Champions' Guild.

To start off, talk to the Champions' Guild Master. Ask for a quest.

Guildmaster: Aha! Yes! A mighty and perilous quest fit only for the most powerful champions!

He tells you that you must go to Oziach to find out your quest. Oziach lives Northwest of Edgeville's General Store

Route from the Champions' Guild to Oziach's house northqest of Edgeville.

When you reach Oziach, talk to him. Ask Oziach if he can sell you a Rune Platebody. Then tell him the guild master sent you.

<Character Name>: The Guildmaster of the champions' Guild told me.

He will become defensive, so tell him you thought he would give you a quest. He will tell you to slay the dragon of Crandor. Respond by saying it sounds like fun.

Now you need to go back to the Guild Master. He'll tell you it might not be as easy a task as first thought. He'll fill you in a little on the dragon's past. You will be presented with a bunch of questions to ask. Ask all of them.

The Guild Master tells you that the map was split into three pieces. Now ask where each map piece is.

Melzar's Map Piece

Melzar locked himself up in a castle near Rimmington. Unfortunately, the map piece is with him. Head to Rimmington and enter the maze with the key the Guild Master gave you. If you have lost your key, you can get another from the Guild Master.

A map of the location of Melzar's Maze

Kill the Zombie rats until they drop a red key. The rat which drops the key is smaller than most, and has a longer tail. It respawns towards the north of the room. Use the red key on the northwest-most door to unlock it.

The red key will unlock red doors - go through the northwest-most door.

Now go up the ladder to reach some level 19 ghosts. The ghost which drops the key appears to be female and has long, waving, hair. Kill the ghosts until they drop an orange key. Use this key on the second orange door from the north on the eastern wall.

Unlock the second orange door from the north on the east wall.

Go up this ladder, too. Kill the level 22 skeletons in this room until they drop a yellow key. The skeleton that drops the key wears a small round buckler, coloured black. It can be difficult to get to this one, because all the rest are very agressive, but it's the only one that drops the key. Use this key on the western-most door on the southern wall to unlock it.

Use your yellow key on the western-most yellow door on the south wall.

Walk through the “L” shaped room and go down the ladder. Go down the other ladder in the next room, and a third ladder in the room after that. Kill the level 24 zombies to get a blue key. When it is dropped, go through the only blue door there.

Next kill Melzar the Mad. He will drop a magenta key. Go through the magenta door. You're now in the final room. Kill the lesser demon. He will drop a green key. Use the key on the green door and you will be in a room with a chest. Open the chest and you will get a map piece.

Thalzar's Map Piece

Thalzar hid his map piece in an unknown location. Only the Oracle on Ice Mountain would know where it is. With an unfired bowl, lobster pot, silk and a wizard's mind bomb, go to the Oracle. She can be found here.

A map of the Oracle's location.

Talk to her about the map piece. She will give you a riddle.

Oracle: The map's behind a door below, but entering is rather tough...

The door she talks about is in the Dwarven Mines. To get there, walk South to a building complex. Go down the ladder in the middle of the buildings. Follow the route shown to arrive at a door.

Route to the locked room in the Dwarven Mines.

Use each of the items in any order on the Magic door to enter (an unfired bowl, lobster pot, silk, and a wizard's mind bomb). Search the chest in the middle of the room for the next map piece.

Lozar's Map Piece

Map of the location of the Port Sarim jail.

Lozar was recently killed and her map piece taken by goblins. One of the Goblin's in Goblin Village is likely to have it according to the Guild Master. A quick look around Goblin village will reveal that the piece is not in fact there. The goblin who has the piece is now in Port Sarim's jail. His name is Wormbrain and he is in the cell highlighted green in the picture above. There are two ways to get this piece, depending on your magic level.

Without Level 33 Magic

Note: As of 1/10/23, it is not possible to talk to Wormbrain in 2009Scape, therefore a magic level of 33 for Telekenetic Grab is required for this quest!

Go to the jail with 10k and talk to Wormbrain. Tell him he has a map piece you need. He will ask what you will do for it. Say you will pay him. Once he names his price of 10k, say okay. You will now have the piece.

With Level 33 Magic

Go to the jail with enough magic attacks to hit 50 damage and an air and law rune. Kill Wormbrain and telegrab the map piece.

Congratulations! You now have all of the map pieces. Use them on each other to form the whole map.

Firebreath Protection

Getting the protection comes in the form of a shield. This one is easy to get. You simply need to go to the Duke of Lumbridge. To get to Lumbridge, cast Home Teleport. From the castle courtyard, go up the stairs on either side of the castle. The Duke is in the room with the quest symbol. Talk to him.

Duke Horacio: A knight going on a dragon quest, hmm? What dragon do you intend to slay?

The Duke will fill you in a little on the dragon's past. When he's done, ask for your shield. He will give it to you. It is recommended that you get a few extra shields from the Duke (in case you die fighting Elvarg) by dropping them from your inventory and speaking to him again.

Finding a Ship

Head back to the Champion's Guild and speak to the Guildmaster about finding a ship and a captain. He will suggest you travel to Port Sarim as there is probably a ship for sale on the docks.

Talk to Klarense on the Port Sarim docks. He is in the area circled below.

A map of the location of Klarense

Talk to him and he'll talk about a ship. Say you'd like to buy it and he'll ask for 2k. Accept his offer. With three Planks, 90 Steel Nails and a Hammer, go down into the lower part of the ship. Click the hole on the southern side of the ship to repair it. Your ship is now sea worthy.

A map of the location of Ned.

You also need a captain to take you to Crandor. He is in the circled house in Draynor. Talk to him. Ask if he can take you to Crandor.

Ned: Crandor? ah, you only live once! I'll do it!

You'll tell him to go wait at your ship and he'll go. He will also take your map.

The Fight

Before you go off and fight Elvarg, bringing the following is recommended:

  • Anti-dragon Shield is absolutely required. Without it, you can be hit for up to 580 damage.
  • The best weapons and armor you can equip (Rune or Adamant armor and Rune Scimitars or Longswords are recommended).
  • A strong amulet, such as an Amulet of Power or Strength.
  • Plenty of food, such as Lobsters or Tuna.
  • Potion of Strengths are useful, but not necessary.
  • With a high enough Magic level, runes to teleport out of the fight if needed. Runes for a Varrock teleport (level 25 Magic) can also save you some time speaking to Oziach to complete the quest.

Go to your ship in Port Sarim and talk to Ned. Tell him you're ready to leave. There will be a cut scene in which the dragon attacks the ship. She will burn the ship up and unfortunately, Cabin Boy Jenkins will die.

The ship is burning! [Click for a full-sized image]

When the cut scene finishes, you will be on Crandor. Follow the route shown below to reach the Dragon's lair. If you die during the fight, you can return to Elvarg through a door in the wall of Karamja Volcano. Click on the door to enter, then run North to Elvarg.

Map of the route to the Crandor Dungeon entrance

You will come upon a wall. Drink your strength potion before climbing over the wall if you have one. Climb over it and the battle will ensue. During the battle, eat when your Life Points get low. Her regular melee attack can hit for up to 100 Life Points, and her Dragonfire attack can hit for up to 110 Life Points. If you die, getting your stuff back might be hard, because Crandor is so out of the way. She will rely on her firebreath more than her melee. Her firebreath also hits much higher and more frequently than melee. When you kill her, you will automatically cut off her head.

elvarg has been slain!

Now go to Oziach and inform him of your victory. To get back to the mainland, you can cast home teleport, or you can walk south from Elvarg's lair to a wall. Click on it to open, and you will now be in Karamja's volcano, go east and climb up the rope. You can then get 30 coins by working on the banana plantation to take the ship to Port Sarim. Then walk to or teleport to Oziach's house. Also, if you lose your dragon head on the way to Oziach, you will still get your reward. Talk to him and…

Congratulations, Quest Complete!

Congratulations! You have completed the Dragon Slayer Quest!


  • 2 Quest Points
  • 18,650 Strength experience
  • 18,650 Defence experience
  • The ability to wear the Rune Platebody and the Green D'hide Body.


Rune Platebody

Now that you're an expert dragon slayer, you can wear rune platebodies. They require 40 Defence to wear, and as you can see, have excellent stats.

Rune platebody equipment screen

Green D'Hide Body

You also gain the right to wear a Green D'Hide Body for slaying the dragon. It requires 40 Ranged and 40 Defence to wear.

Green D'hide body equipment screen

Fast Quest Walkthrough

  • Talk to the Guildmaster.
  • Talk to Oziach.
  • Ask the Guildmaster about the map.
  • Head to Melzar's Maze in Rimmington.
  • Obtain a Red Key by killing rats and use it on the most Northwestern door.
  • Obtain an Orange Key from ghosts and use it on the second door from the north on the east wall.
  • Obtain a Yellow Key from skeletons and use it on the western-most door on the south wall.
  • Go down a few floors and obtain a Blue Key from zombies, then use it on the blue door.
  • Defeat Melzar and take the Magenta Key. Proceed through the magenta door and kill the lesser demon. Take his green key and use it on the green door.
  • Loot map piece from chest.
  • Speak To the Oracle.
  • Head to the Dwarven Mines.
  • Open door and loot map piece.
  • Obtain the Map Piece from Wormbrain in the Port Sarim Jail.
  • Speak to Duke Horacio about dragonbreath protection.
  • Talk to Klarense on the Port Sarim docks. Then fix the boat.
  • Talk to Ned in Draynor.
  • Prepare for battle.
  • Take the ship to Crandor.
  • Slay Elvarg.
  • Show Elvarg's head to Oziach.
  • Quest complete!

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As of 1/10/23, it is not possible to talk to Wormbrain in 2009Scape, therefore a magic level of 33 for Telekenetic Grab is required for this quest. See the section for Lozar's Map Piece for more information.
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