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The Fremennik Trials

Natives of Rellekka seldom welcome outsiders. Relatively distant from other populated areas, the people have come to enjoy their solitude and have developed a distrust of those other than their own kin. Recently, in an effort to promote trade, the council has decided to make repairs to the footbridge connecting Kandarin to this area. Its now up to you, bold adventurer that you are, to find a way to engage with these distant people and (with luck) perhaps even integrate into their notoriously close-knit society.

It is strongly suggested you read through this entire guide before starting this quest. Take the time to notice in advance what items you will need for each section and what you will not.



  • Ability to defeat a level 69 Draugen (Magic level 13+ and runes for Fire spells),
  • Ability to defeat the first three forms of Koschei the Deathless without weapons or armour,
  • 25 Fletching,
  • 40 Crafting,
  • 40 Woodcutting
  • 35 Agility (suggested if you're coming from the Barbarian Outpost but not required for the quest)

Quests: None


  • 1 Beer (can be obtained during quest)
  • 1 Cabbage (can be obtained during quest)
  • 1 Onion (can be obtained during quest)
  • 1 Potato (can be obtained during quest)
  • 1 RAW Shark
  • 5,250 gp
  • 1 Hatchet (any type that you can use)
  • 1 Knife
  • 1 Tinderbox
  • Runes for Fire spells as noted above in fight with Draugen. Note these can NOT be used later in the fight against Koschei the Deathless!
  • Suitable food to survive a potentially intense fight!

Note this quest is a LONG one. Take your time, or do it in sections at your leisure.

Getting Started

Make your way to Rellekka using any way convenient to you. Suggested means might include:

  • Camelot Teleport (Magic Level 45 required) then head north and follow the winding path,
  • Games Necklace Teleport to Barbarian Assault, cross hopping stones (Agility Level 35+ will make this easier) to Lighthouse, then east after jumping over the broken bridge,2)
  • House Teleport (Magic Level 40) to Rellekka if your Player owned house is in Rellekka (Construction Level 30),
  • Fairy Ring AJR (Requires Lost City and Nature Spirit Quests) then run west to enter the town,
  • or any other means available to you

Most of this quest guide will make use of the above two main maps designated as:

  • Fremennik Region Map”, and
  • Rellekka Map

Please make sure you distinguish between the two while following this guide.

Brundt the Chieftan

Brundt the Chieftan

First find and speak with Brundt the Chieftan located in the longhall Pub designated as point 1 on the Rellekka Map above. Brundt greets you as an “outlander,” one who is not of the clan. When you ask them “Do you have any quests?” he initially concludes that, while he does not have any “quests” exactly, you would not be interested in what he might have to offer. When you insist that you are interested Brundt asks if you might be up to joining their clan and becomming a Fremennik yourself. They explain that this requires your getting the votes of 7 (seven) of the 12 (twelve) council elders. Each will require proof of your dedication to the task. When you decide “I want to become a Fremennik” the quest officially begins!

Manni the Reveller

Manni the Reveller

Looking around in the same longhall Pub where you've just spoken with Brundt the Chieftan, you'll find Manni the Reveller. Talk to them and they'll insist that to gain their vote on the council you will need to show “cunning, stamina, fastitude,3) and an iron constitution…” and the only way they know to test all these is a drinking contest! The rules, they insist, are simple “You verses me, a stiff drink each, last man standing wins the trial…

Accept Manni's challenge, take a Keg of beer from the nearby table and talk with them again. Manni will now explain the procedure: They will drink first and then it will be your turn. Once you agree to begin your defeat is inevitable and not exactly a “sobering” experience.

It would seem you are going to have to revert to some trickery to get the job done! Take a beer off a nearby table and head to the pub in Seers' village (designated as point 1 on the Fremennik Region Map above). Here you'll find the Poison Salesman trying to make a living. Talk to them about the trials and buy a Low alcohol keg for 250 gp.

Make your way north from Seers' Village until you come to the bridge separating Kandarin from Rellekka. There, on the southern end of the bridge, you'll find the Council Workman (designated as point 2 on the Fremennik Region Map above). When you talk with them they will ask for a beer as they are “quite parched.” Of course you will oblige by using the beer you picked up in Rellekka earlier. After thanking you they'll give you a Strange Object they found recently.

Warning! The Strange Object may explode shortly after being lit!

Do not use the tinderbox on it until we mention it in a moment or it may detonate early and then you might have to repeat the steps to get another one!

You have been warned!4)

Head back to the longhall Pub in Rellekka and go the location designated 2 on the Rellekka Map above on the eastern outside wall of the pub. Here you will see a Put-inside Pipe (within the red rectangle in the image below). Use your tinderbox on the Strange Object and place it in the Pipe.

Head inside the longhall Pub and pick up another Keg of beer from the table. Use the Low alcohol keg in your inventory on your newly acquired Keg of beer to mix them. Fortunately a loud noise will provide a distraction so the other patrons of the pub will not notice your actions!

Maybe now you'll have a chance to win the contest!

Once more talk with Mani the Reveller to re-take the contest. This time you will win and you'll be drunkenly informed that you now have their vote!

Olaf the Bard

Olaf the Bard

For this section you will need an axe and a knife. A Camelot Teleport method is also strongly suggested

Olaf the Bard can be found just east of the longhall Pub in the center of Rellekka near the location designated 3 on the Rellekka Map above. Speak with them and they'll challenge to to perform for an audience in the nearby longhall (Pub) for their vote. Talk with them about tips on how to perform and get instructions on how to craft an instrument upon which to play music.

This section can be done by player who do not have the Crafting and Fletching requirements listed above if they are willing to engage in some combat. Three level 48 NPCs drop the Enchanted Lyre you will need; Freidir (East of the longhall Pub in the center of Rellekka), Borrokar (in the longhall Pub in the center of Rellekka), and Lanzig (in the area west of the well which is southwest of the longhall Pub in the center of Rellekka). (Note that this is a relatively rare drop so expect to take quite awhile to get it this way!)

Once done speaking with Olaf, head out of the town gates and follow the path east until you see a Rare Tree symbol on the world map (designated as point 3 on the Fremennik Region Map above). Cut a branch from the Swaying Tree and use your knife on it to create an Unstrung lyre. Note: Cutting a branch may take much longer than you expect but you should eventually get one!

East of the Swaying Tree at the point designated as 4 on the Fremennik Region Map above you will find the Troll Lalli who is -very- protective of their golden apples. Lalli will (eventually) tell you about another adventurer who spoke with them recently.

Head back into town and speak with Askeladden who turns out to be a kid playing outside the longhall Pub near the location designated 4 on the Rellekka Map above.. Askeladden is very proud of their having fooled Lalli and will (laughingly) go into detail of how this was accomplished.

Eventually they will give you a Pet Rock. Take your new stoney friend with you along with an Onion, Potato and Cabbage (you can pick these in the garden in the southwestern corner of Rellekka designated as 5 on the Rellekka Map above) back to where you found Lalli. Put the rock and veggies into the nearby stew (carefully right-click and put them individually into the stew! It could be easy to accidentally eat them!)5) and speak with Lalli again. Lalli will now give you some Golden fleece.

Head for the most convenient Spinning Wheel that you can use (there's one in Seers' Village up the ladder at the point designated as 5 on the Fremennik Region Map above).6) Here you can use the Golden fleece on the Spinning wheel, creating a ball of Golden wool. Use this on your Unstrung lyre to produce a Lyre.

If you don't already have your Raw Shark in inventory yet, now is a good time to get it from the Seers' Village bank! Make your way northwest from Seers' Village in the direction of Rellekka. When you cross the bridge where you earlier found the Council Workman head west to the point designated as 6 on the Fremennik Region Map above. At the southernmost point of this tiny isthmus you will find a Strange altar.

Place your Raw Shark on the Strange altar and you will be thanked by a Fossegrimen, a water spirit, who will now charge your Lyre making it into an Enchanted Lyre(2).

Return to the longhall Pub in Rellekka and venture to the outside northeastern corner of it.

Once you click to open the door you'll be greeted by the Longhall Bouncer who will let you know they've been expecting you (they don't have kind words for Olaf though).

Now you enter the stage by ascending a small flight of stairs and perform for the audience. Right click and Play Enchanted lyre(2) in your inventory to begin your contribution to the world of Fremennik music! (Perhaps your Fremenik name should be “Astar Isbjorn”?)

Once done exit the building and once more speak with Olaf the Bard to get their vote.

Sigmund the Merchant

Sigmund the Merchant

On the western side of the longhall Pub, in the market area, near the location designated 6 on the Rellekka Map above you will eventually find Sigmund the Merchant.

Note: Sigmund tends to wander around in this area a bit and may take a bit to locate. Look for an NPC wearing a brown cloak with a hood.

Talking with them reveals that they desire a Rare Flower to get their vote.

Note: This is one of the longest phases of this Quest!

To do this you are going to need to talk with thirteen (13) NPCs found on the Rellekka Map above in the following order:

  1. The Sailor (Point 7) needs a ballad to be written…
  2. The Bard (Point 3) needs some new boots or they can't write the ballad…
  3. Yrsa (Point 8) needs taxes reduced before they'll make the boots…
  4. Brundt (Point 1) wants the tribe to know of Sigli's hunting grounds…
  5. Sigli (Point 9) will tell his secret in exchange for a balanced bowstring…
  6. Skulgrimen (Point 10) will supply the bowstring in exchange for a rare fish…
  7. The Fisherman (Point 11) will provide the fish for a map of the best fishing spot…
  8. Swensen (Point 12) will provide the map for a weather forecast…
  9. Peer (Point 13) will provide the forecast for a bodyguard…
  10. Thorvald (Point 10) will be a bodyguard for obtaining a place at the Champion's Table…
  11. Manni (Point 1) will assure a place at the table for the Barkeep's legendary cocktail…
  12. Thora (Point 1) will provide the cocktail if Askeladden signs a contract to stay out of the longhall Pub…
  13. Askeladden (Point 4) will sign the contract for 5,000 gp!

Pay Askeladden, secure the contract, and then revisit the previous characters in reverse order:

  1. Thora (Point 1)
  2. Manni (Point 1)
  3. Thorvald (Point 10)
  4. Peer (Point 13)
  5. Swensen (Point 12)
  6. The Fisherman (Point 11)
  7. Skulgrimen (Point 10)
  8. Sigli (Point 9)
  9. Brundt (Point 1)
  10. Yrsa (Point 8)
  11. The Bard (Point 3)
  12. The Sailor (Point 7)

Now return to Sigmund the Merchant for their vote!

Sigli the Huntsman

Sigli the Merchant

Now we journey back to talk once more with Sigli the Huntsman just south of the longhall Pub (near Point 9). Sigli wants you to demonstrate some hunting skills. Your offers to kill 100 chickens, cows “…until, er, the cows come home…”, or Giant Rats (gasp!), fails to impress them. For their vote they challenge you to track and defeat a level 69 Draugen, an apparently deadly and evil ghost from Fremennik mythology that devours the souls of those brave warriors who meet their ends at sea. It stalks the coastlines, invisible to all and curses their journeys across the seas. Sigli also warns “It is unkillable by normal means!

Once you've accepted their challenge click on the Hunter's talisman (which Sigli has supplied you with) to 'Locate' the feared Draugen. Follow the directions the talisman provides to locate it. Once located it will suddenly become visible and may then be fought. The Draugen is weak to fire spells! (Magic level 13+ required) They can also sometimes be safespotted from behind nearby objects (if present). Once they have been defeated and their essence has been absorbed by the supplied talisman return to Sigli the Huntsman for their vote.

Swensen the Navigator

Locate Swensen the Navigator just southwest of the main market (near Point 12). In return for his vote you must demonstrate your power of puzzle solving. He asks you to successfully navigate his maze. Enter his house and take the ladder down in the southwest corner. Now you will find portals to the North, South, East, and West. Take them in the order to spell his last name…

  • South
  • West
  • East
  • North
  • South
  • East
  • North

Once done, go up the ladder and talk with Swensen again to get their vote.

Peer the Seer

Not satisfied with Swenson's puzzle, Peer the Seer (near Point 13 on the Rellekka Map above) now wants to be sure of your intelligence.

Note that you cannot take -any- items in with you for this section! If needed Peer will deposit your items in your bank before you start. Note they can only deposit your items!. To retrieve your items you will need to visit a bank (the closest is in Seers' Village) after this section!

Now take the following steps:

1. Attempt to open the western door to Peer's building and choose “Read the riddle.”

There are four possible riddles. You will only get one. Each line gives you two words, each with a common letter in them. Using that letter from each set of lines a word can be made. The resulting word could be either “LIFE”, “MIND”, “TIME”, or “WIND”.

The Riddles

My first is in the well, but not at sea.
My second in 'I', but not in 'me'.
My third is in flies, but insects not found.
My last is in earth, but not in the ground.
My whole when stolen from you, caused you death.

Answer: LIFE

My first is in mage, but not in wizard.
My second in goblin, and also in lizard.
My third is in night, but not in the day.
My last is in fields, but not in the hay.
My whole is the most powerful tool you will ever possess.

Answer: MIND

My first is in water, and also in tea.
My second in fish, but not in the sea.
My third in mountains, but not underground.
My last is in strike, but not in pound.
My whole crushes mountains, drains rivers, and destroys civilisations.
All that live fear my passing.

Answer: TIME

My first is in wizard, but not in a mage.
My second in jail, but not in a cage.
My third is in anger, but not in a rage.
My last in a drawing, but not on a page.
My whole helps to make bread, let birds fly and boats sail.

Answer: WIND

Once you've figured out your answer click the door again and this time choose to Solve the riddle.

Input the answer with the lock interface, enter the western room, and proceed up the ladder.

This next section may (for many) be one of the most confusing puzzle sections of this quest!

1) Open and search the Cupboard (point A on the map above) in the southwest corner to get a bucket.

2) Search the Chest (point B on the map above) on the south wall for a jug.

3) Fill the empty bucket with water from the tap (point C on the map above)

4) Use the full bucket on the empty jug to fill the jug to the brim

5) Empty the jug down the drain (point D on the map above) You now have a 2/5ths full bucket

6) Use the 2/5ths full bucket on the empty jug

You now have a 2/3rds full jug.

7) Fill the empty bucket with water from the tap (point C on the map above)

8) Use the Full bucket on the 2/3rds full jug

You now have a 4/5ths full bucket.

9) Use the 4/5ths full bucket on the chest (point E on the map above) to obtain a strange looking vase

10) Locate and study the Unicorn's Head (point F on the map above) for a Red Disk

11) Locate and study the Bull's Head (point G on the map above) for a Wooden Disk

12) Search the bookcase (point H on the map above) to locate a Red Herring.

13) Cook the Red Herring on the range (point I on the map above) to get Sticky Red Goop

14) Use the Sticky Red Goop on the Wooden Disk in your inventory to create a second Red Disk

15) Proceed down the ladder to the East (point J on the map above) and use both Red Disks on the Abstract Mural (point K on the map above) to obtain a Vase Lid

16) Head back up the ladder

17) Fill the Vase with water from the upstairs tap (point C on the map above) .

19) Place the Vase Lid on the Vase

20) Use the Vase with the Frozen Table (point L on the map above) in the northeastern corner to get a Frozen Key

21) Use the Frozen Key with the Range (point I on the map above) to get a Seers' Key

22) Head back down the eastern ladder (point J on the map above)

23) Now that you have the Seers' Key you can open the door to the north to exit.

You will now have Peer's vote!

Thorvald the Warrior

To be a true Fremennik you're going to have to prove to Thorvald the Warrior (again near Point 10 on the Rellekka Map above ) that you are capable in battle! For this Thorvald challenges you to face a warrior known as Koschei the Deathless to win their vote.

There is one problem though,… you cannot being any armour or weapons with you!

There are, however, a few potentially handy things which you -can- bring…7)

  • Food (Cooked Lobster, Swordfish, Monkfish, Shark…your choice)
  • A dramen branch (bring a knife to trim it for use as a Dramen staff when in combat!)8)

NOTE: The enchanted lyre also counts as a weapon here! You will need to bank it prior to being allowed down the ladder!

You will need to defeat only three (3) incarnations of Koschei the Deathless to win Thorvald's vote.

If you intend to defeat Koschei's fourth form it is possible especially with a higher combat level. Lower levels may require as many as 12 cooked shark. On this fourth and final death Koschie will drop a Fremennik Blade.

Once prepared, head down the ladder in the building where you found Thorvald and begin the fight!

If you have brought a dramen branch and a knife for this fight use the knife on the branch to create a Dramen staff immediately on reaching the bottom of the ladder!

The first fight is relatively easy, but Koschei lets you know they will not hold back so much the next time!

The second fight is a bit tougher, but now Koschei announces “we fight for real!” The third fight is a bit harder yet if you prevail Koschei lets you know the next fight wil be tougher still! This time you'll fight without the benefit of having prayer! Note: you are not required to win the fourth fight to complete Thorvald's challenge! If you die you will still have been successful here.

Once he is defeated the final time (or you defeated him 3 times and died in the 4th attempt) head back up the ladder and talk to Thorvald to get their vote!


You've now successively assured yourself of seven votes! Head back to the longhall Pub (again near Point 1 on the Rellekka Map above ) to speak one last time with Brundt the Chieftan. They will congratulate you and welcome you into the clan!

Make sure you have at least 10 (ten) free inventory slots for your rewards!

Congratulations! Quest Complete


Note: Experience rewards are subject to your modifier. The XP listed here is for a modifier of 1X.

  • 3 Quest Points
  • 2.8k Strength XP
  • 2.8k Defence XP
  • 2.8k Attack XP
  • 2.8k Hitpoints XP
  • 2.8k Fishing XP
  • 2.8k Thieving XP
  • 2.8k Agility XP
  • 2.8k Crafting XP
  • 2.8k Fletching XP
  • 2.8k Woodcutting XP

In addition:

  • Your Lyre (once enchanted again by offering another Raw Shark, Manta Ray, or Sea Turtle) now will give you teleports directly to the Rellekka gates. Offering Raw Shark will grant 2 teleports, Raw Manta Ray will give 3, and Raw Sea Turtle 4. The Lyre will require re-enchantment when charges are depleted. Note: you can create more Lyres and have them enchanted!
  • You can now ask Askeladden for another Pet Rock.

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