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Demon Slayer

Start Point

Gypsy Aris in Southwest of Varrock Square.



  • Able to defeat an apocalyptic demon (level 27), who is aided by one Dark wizard (level 20) and two Dark wizards (level 7).


  • None.


  • -25 unnoted Bones.
  • - 1 Coin.

Getting Started

Speak to the Gypsy Aris.


- To start the quest speak with Gypsy Aris located southwest of Varrock Square. Ask her for your fortune and she will ask for some money, which is only 1 gp. When you pay her, she will see you fighting an ancient demon named Delrith. She will tell you that some wizards are trying to bring him back and that you are the one who must defeat him this time. She will then tell you how Wally, a hero legend, used Silverlight and an incantation to defeat the demon. When she tells you the incantation make sure to write it down. It will randomly change for everyone.


  1. You will now need to talk with Sir Prysin, located in the southwest room of Varrock Palace, to get the sword, Silverlight.

    Sir Prysin

  2. Sir Prysin will tell you that the chest which holds the sword can only be opened with 3 keys. These keys were given to others for safekeeping. One was given to Captain Rovin, another to Wizard Traiborn, and the last one kept by Sir Prysin. When asking for his key you will find that he dropped it down the drain in the kitchen.

  3. Head over to the kitchen, located in the northeast corner of the palace, and go up the stairs and grab a Bucket. Head back downstairs and use the bucket with the sink to get a Bucket of water. Head outside of the kitchen, through the east door, and 'Search' the drain. Use your bucket with the drain to flush the key down into the sewers.


  4. You must now head down into the sewers to find the key. The sewer entrance is a manhole located southeast of the palace directly to the east of the palace outer wall. Go down the manhole.


    Once down in the sewers, go northwest to find the Key.

    Rusty Key

  5. Now you will need to go talk to Captain Rovin, who is in the northwest tower of the palace, on the third floor. After a short conversation he will give you his Key.

    Captain Rovin

  6. You must now go to the Wizards' Tower, which is south of Draynor Village. Make sure to bring 25 unnoted Bones for this step. Wizard Traiborn is on the second floor in the northeast room. Talk to him about the key and he will tell you he needs 25 bones to undo the spell he put on it. Hand over your bones and he will give you the Key.


  7. Take all 3 keys back to Sir Prysin at Varrock Palace and he will give you Silverlight.

    Silverlight keys

  8. Grab some food and magic defense armor and head to the ruins south of Varrock. Make sure you have Silverlight and the incantation. If you do not have the incantation, return to the gypsy and ask for it. You WILL need the right one. Walk into the circle of ruins and you will see a cut scene of Delrith being summoned by a group of wizards.


  9. You will now need to kill Delrith. Beware, the wizards will also attack you! A great strategy is to walk around the outside of the ring, staying behind the pillars, and get as close to him as possible. When he walks near the pillar, jump out and attack him. If a wizard happens to attack you, run behind a pillar, or you can leave the circle and walk back in. After attacking Delrith he will become weakened and collapse. Right-click on the demon to banish him and you will be prompted to recite the incantation.


  10. After the correct incantation is read he will be sucked into the void.

    Congratulations! Quest Complete!

    Quest Completed!

Note: If you lose Silverlight after completing the quest, you can purchase another from Sir Prysin for 500 gp.

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