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H A X Methods

In this page I would like to add some methods that Ive used/discovered through playing 2009scape that could prove useful to other players. I aim to do things mildly efficient, so when I see something that stands out, I would try to add it here. Think of this as a never ending work in progress.

Collecting Water Filled Vials

Typically there are a few methods of collecting vials of water for use in the Herblore Skill. Sometimes it can be difficult to get vials of water in bulk on the GE so you may need to resort to collecting them yourself.

  • Shilo Village - carries 1000 already filled vials, short run from the bank, low requirements
  • Sigmund the Merchant - Stocks only 300 vials of water, but can use peer the seer to deposit quickly.
  • Lunar Isle - absolute Meta - Stocks 1000 empty vials that you can use humidify between the shop and banking. Wear a steam staff, astrals and coins in your inventory.

Construction Training

This is the method Ive been using to train construction. This works by first obtaining the log you are using (Oak, Teak, Mahogany) and using the Demon Butler in your POH to turn them into planks before you make furniture for experience. You will need a hammer, saw, House teleport tabs, and coins in your inventory. You are able to do 24 planks a trip which is a convenient number for oak larders, mahogany tables etc. Note: you need to use house tele tabs to get the full 24, if you skimp and bring runes it drops your xp per hour significantly.

Optimal Location to train an Alt's combat

Having recently trained a 3rd account to max combat, range and mage I wanted to share my methods for the least intensive methods.

  • Take advantage of Wilderness Aggression and Random event rules- No randoms spawn in the wilderness, monsters will never lose aggro. This means that you can kill mobs in the wilderness without ever getting pulled away by a random, or having to reset aggro. Edgeville dungeon is where I did this as it has the added benefit of having no revs patrol or possibility for you to be attacked by other players. Thugs and Chaos druids for low levels/ low defense, Earth warriors for higher levels. Additional benefit of having no quest requirements. You can do all your quests that would get you 60 attack and just jump straight to dragon scimitar training. I went from 28-99 range using bone crossbow before even having avas. It takes forever but its minimal clicks.
  • Deep Wilderness killing for Brawlers and PVP. Wolves, Hill Giants, Magic Axes, Bats, these all come into my mind when I think of being able to “AFK” Of course you need to trap the deep wild threat rev and are always at risk of being PK'd. But if you start getting drops, people will know where you are and can clap those unattended cheeks.
  • Armored Zombies - Near an Altar, you can pray melee, boost combat prayers, use a dragon battle axe spec and AFK, collecting noted loot/runes.

Using an Alt to fish sharks in Jatizo

Preferably this is to be done on an alt or 2. Fishing sharks is more beneficial than fishing monks because they are actually useful for PVM. Additionally, the fishing spot does not move (perfect for alts) there is a summoning obelisk between the fishing spot and bank (perfect for granite lobster).

I would Highly recommend getting 74 summoning on your alt for granite lobster. Granite lobster provides a boost to your level, as well as forages sharks and lobsters. Approximately 1/2 the sharks you fish will be foraged by the Granite Lobby.

At 90 fishing you can add a little razzle dazzle and use Shark Gloves from Fist of Guthix plugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigFist of Guthix

Fist of Guthix is a minigame that was released on 9th of April 2008. The game employs tactics and strategy, and offers a substantial range of rewards to players; for example, the Runecrafting gloves double the experience gained when crafting a specific type of rune.
- These bad boys will provide an extra 100 exp ( essentially double XP per shark getting you to 99 fishing faster so you can take advantage of the fishing cape perk.

Using an Alt to kill Aviansies in God Wars Dungeon

Preferably this is to be done on an alt: However, this will net you around 400-600k profit an hour, not to mention with 88 smithing you can smith the bars into platebodies for approximatly 2k per bar guaranteed without the need to sell to a player. This just generates cash and can help you push for 99 smithing without the need for coal. (approximatly 39k aviansies need to be killed at 5x for 99 smithing)

Starting at level 70 range and level 70 defense (ideally) and only the requirements for Troll stronghold (Ideally Edgars ruse for the teleport), it is possible to use an alt to mow down aviansies near the entrance to the Armadyl encampment. The appeal here is that with bones to peaches tabs or good strategy, it is possible to stay here forever barring supplies and collect noted addy bar drops and high alch rune daggers and limbs. I would also pick up the blood runes, and law runes. Some tips I find useful:

  • You must wear a Zammy and Saradomin item so that ONLY aviansies attack you.
  • Bring High Alch runes - Alch the daggers and limb drops
  • Bring Telegrab - I find this extremely important as it allows you to stay against the southern wall and limit the amount of times you are attacked by more than 1 aviansie. Additionally, telegrab is great in 2009scape where it does not interrupt attacking so you can collect loot while attacking. Essentially, your alt can potentially never not be ranging an aviansie and still collect loot.
  • Bones to peaches will allow you to stay forever, Its nice but not necessary, banking is not too terrible with Trollheim teleport (if you have the requirements).
  • Consider getting summoning up for Bunyip (68), Titans (79), Geyser Titan (89) as these will smoke these bois and provide more kills per hour/healing. You can bring a few super restores/summoning potions to replenish points and renew/re-summon your familiar.

Using an Alt to duo Fishing Trawler

Fishing trawler is actually extremely good and coupled with brawlers can be lucrative exp per hour and reward you with some sexy Manta Rays and key halves. The reason we are using an alt is to alleviate some of the fixing of holes, double bailing bucket action, but more importantly, allows you to use your alt to go up the ladder to fix the net while you continue to repair holes on the bottom level.

Additionally, you are able to log out right before the game ends on your alt and receive all of the exp and fish on your main account. Normally the game will split the fish and exp between participants and there are no benefits to running this minigame in a large group. If you solo Trawler you will surely get sweaty ballsack in your face (AKA failed rounds due to RNG, Fuck RNG when theres altscape)

Dharok Bombing Mobs with Max combat and Strength Cape

Using the Dharoks Barrows set with max combat, Strength cape, piety, super attack/strength potions, max strength everything else can result in some absurd kills per second on various mobs that may be beneficial to collecting loot. To lower my HP I regularly use Aberrent specters (easy to get to with slayer ring, walk up the chain and let them lower my HP (bring nosepeg). Additionally I use the rock cake to lower my HP all the way and keep it low.

Here is a list of mobs I regularly use Dharoks on and why.

  • Abyssal Demons for slayer - good crimson charms, whip drops. Fastest way to kill these in the game.
  • Dark Beasts for slayer- best slayer exp in game that does not involve bursting - good blue charms and Dark bow drops, good alchables. Fastest way to kill these in the game.
  • Nechrayels Fastest way to kill these in the game. Can also do Chaos tunnels with a combat familiar for extra speed.
  • Kalphite Guardians - Good blue charms, but still mostly a skipped slayer task
  • Yaks - fastest way to obtain yak hides for Pack Yak
  • Tzhaar - Fastest money in the game if using steel titan as well. (bursting/barraging is more kills per hour but you burn through money with runes.
  • Tortoise - Fastest way to obtain shells for War Tortoise
  • Giant Mole - See page here Hereplugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigGiant Mole


    Deep beneath Falador Park rests the bane of Wyson the Gardner's existence. Nightmares of tunnels and digging have led Wyson to offer a bounty for confirmed kills in the form of birds nests. Will you commit mass genocide and reap the benefits for use of farming and herblore grinds?

*Remember, if you are killing a monster in multi such as Tzhaar, or Nechrayels, an evil chicken random event can spawn in and clap your cheeks, nothing you can do. So do have the 5 minute gravestone.

Cutting Mahogany in Tai Bwo Wannai

By putting your POH in Brimhaven and running south to Tai Bwo Wannai you are able to cut Mahogany and teak logs which can be used in the construction skill. Personally used this method to get 99 woodcutting as they cut faster than yews, give similar exp, and hold their value at around 300 each. Worth cutting over yews if money and exp is your main concern.

Hax Methods for brawlers

Obtaining Brawlers

With the latest deep wildy update, you are able to obtain brawlers from deep wildy mobs as well as Chaos elemental and Revs (which you always could before). This opens up the doors for some good ole fashioned farming. You need to risk 100k in order to have the red skull and be elligible for PVP/Brawlers drops.

I chose skeletons but the idea works in various places, you spawn the threat, and trap the threat. This works because the revs do not walk through walls or doors, only follow you up and down ladders/staircases. In single combat you can have a rev lose aggro if you are in combat and the rev will not pursue you (unless you get too close)

Farming Brawlers/PVP gear at Skeletons

Farming Brawlers/PVP gear at Magic Axes

Using Brawlers

Once you obtain some brawlers, heres how I would plan on using them:

  • Mining - Rune mining, Deep Wildy stars, or Coal mining at Hobgiblin mine
  • Smithing - Use Dareeyak Teleport to reach the ruins and use the anvil to smith Adamant Platebodies. Bring a Pack Yack, bring the runes for the teleport, hammer, wear mage def gear to hopefully survive a surprise revenant attack. Fill up Pack yak and inventory with addy bars. Make Platebodies (should be perfect amount of bars) run south a little and tele to castle wars to bank, repeat. You can actually time the withdrawl from Pak Yack so that you never stop making platebodies.
  • Hunter - Black Salamanders - 6k a pop, good stuff
  • Thieving - Use these at Pyramid Plunder floors 7 and 8, 5k and 6k per urn respectivly
  • Fishing - Trawler all the way. Exrememly overpowered as you will gain 50% more XP (180k EXP drops) and only use one charge. Outrageous
  • Prayer - Ectofungus or Guilded Altar are probably best. You can just straight bury bones at Wilderness volcano after walking into Wilderness to get Guilded altar boost but significantly faster.
  • Agility - Wilderness Agility course, can really make these last a long ass time if you only use them for the final obstacle to receive the bonus on the lap bonus. Could also use 1 charge to get an additional 50% exp for turning in Agility arena tickets in bulk.
  • Firemaking - Burning Magic logs outside of Wilderness Volcano - over 6k a pop, you'll be 99 in no time
  • Woodcutting - No real great place to use these so Id use them on Magics if you were going to cut them anyway or Mahogany. Makes Mahogany almost 1k per log which is pretty good considering the speed to cut.
  • Combat/Ranged/Magic - Wouldnt even bother but I guess you could use them on quest XP rewards, Pest Control etc. Ranged and Mage I guess you could try chinning red spiders near the rune rocks in multi, but I didnt bother with that nonesense.

H A X Optimal Quest Guide

  • H A X Optimal Quest Guideplugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigH____A__X Optimal Quest Guide for 5x

    In this section I want to list out my optimal quest guide that you may or may not want to follow. Having quested 3 accounts to quest cape I found that there wasnt really a good guideline on which quests to do when, or how to string some quest along together to waste less time. I'll be working on this guide and hopefully can help out some players.
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