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Fishing is one of the gathering skills where you catch fish. Like woodcutting, fishing is a really relaxing skill where you can set up netflix or just chat with friends while staying mainly in one spot. Just as trees get chopped down and you move to the next. Fishing spots do the same by moving around every once in awhile.

Fishing Equipment

Crayfish Cage

Crayfish cages are used to catch crayfish inside of 2009scape. They can be bought from Gerrant's Fishy Business in Port Sarim for a few gold coins.

Small fishing nets

Small fishing nets are are used to catch a range of fish from Shrimp, Anchovies, Karambwanji and even Monkfish. They can be bought from a wide variety of shops listed here : Arnold's Eclectic Supplies, Fremennik Fishmonger, Gerrant's Fishy Business, & Harry's Fishing Shop.

Big fishing nets

Big fishing nets are only found in Harry's Fishing Shop in Catherby. Big fishing nets can be used on spots that say net/harpoon. Can catch Mackerel, Cod, Bass, Casket, Leather Boots, Leather Gloves, Oyster, and Seaweed.

Fish Rods

Fishing rods are used to catch fish in both rivers and seas. They do require the use of fishing bait that can be purchased in any of the fishing shops in 2009scape. They are used to catch a range of fish from Sardine, Herring, & Pike.

Fly Fishing Rods

Fly Fishing rods are used to catch fish using feathers as bait. Feathers are dropped by chicken. You need to use a striped feather in order to catch rainbow fish at 38 fishing normally around the barbarian village. Fly fishing can be used to catch Trout and Salmon which is the fastest training method in the game.

Lobster Pots

Lobster Pots are used to catch Lobsters inside of 2009scape. They can be purchased from most of the fishing stores like Port Sarim and Catherby. A popular lobster fishing spot is inside of Catherby since there is a range near by to cook them with a bank close by as well.


Harpoons are used to catch a variety of fish and used for mid level fishing. Harpoons can be bought from Catherby and Port Sarim. They are used to catch tuna, swordfish and shark. The most popular spot for catching sharks is in the fishing guild.


The vessels are used to catch Karambwan using Karambwanji as bait. It requires 65 fishing in order to use and normally requires the Tai Bwo Wannai quest in order to purchase.

Types of Fish

Type of Fish

Level needed

Tool Needed

Crayfish Level 1 Crayfish Cage
Shrimp Level 1 Small Fishing Net
Sardine Level 5 Fishing Rod    
Karambwanji Level 5 Small Fishing Net
Herring Level 10 Fishing Rod    
Anchovies Level 15 Small Fishing Net
Mackerel Level 16 Big Fishing Net
Trout Level 20 Fly Fishing Rod  
Cod Level 23 Big Fishing Net
Pike Level 25Fishing Rod
Salmon Level 30 Fly Fishing Rod  
Tuna Level 35 Harpoon        
Rainbow Fish Level 38 Fly Fishing Rod  
Lobster Level 40 Lobster Cage    
Bass Level 46 Big Fishing Net
Swordfish Level 50 Harpoon        
Monkfish Level 62 Small Fishing Net
Karambwan Level 65 Vessel
Shark Level 76 Harpoon        

Barbarian Fishing

Yes! Barbarian fishing is in 2009scape, but as of July 2021, it is not completely complete. As of right now we just have the barbarian rod fishing. We do not have barehanded fishing

To get started talk to Otto in his house, there will be a bit of dialogue talking about how you can find the rod underneath his bed. Bring some feathers and a knife with you. In 2009scape, there is 100% chance of offcuts which means you only need one inventory worth of feathers and after that you can use the offcuts as bait. Yes! there is tick manipulation, so if you are into this it is implemented.

Leaping trout require 15 agility, 15 strength and 48 fishing in order to catch them.
Leaping salmon require 30 agility, 30 strength and 58 fishing in order to catch them.
Leaping sturgeon require 45 agility, 45 strength and 70 fishing in order to catch them.

Extra Fishing Information

Fishing Trawler

  Fishing Trawler is a fishing minigame run by Murphy in Port Khazard. You will need level 15 fishing in order to play the game and reap the rewards. Learn more about Fishing Trawler here.

Fishing Familiars

  Summoning mixes well into every skill and some familiars along the way can help you forage for more fish or even boosts your levels so you can fish other fish!

  Granite Crab ( Level 16 ) - The granite crab grants an invisible +1 Fishing boost and can forage cod, pike, seaweed and oysters while you are fishing. Granite crabs can store up to 30 extra fish.

  Ibis ( Level 56 ) - The Ibis grants an invisible +3 Fishing boost and can forage tuna and swordfish while you are fishing. Ibis can store up to 30 extra fish.

  Granite Lobster ( Level 74 ) - The Ibis grants an invisible +3 Fishing boost and random chance to forage for raw swordfish and raw sharks, even if the player does not have the necessary level to catch these fish. Ibis can store up to 30 extra fish.

Fishing Boosts

  Fishing Potion - Fishing potions temporarily raise a player's Fishing level by 3; fishing level drops by 1 each minute.

  Fishing Pie - Each bite of Fish Pie temporarily boosts your fishing by 3.

Skill Mastery
In 2009scape, we had decided in the polls that we would add Skill Cape Perks in the game. You are able to find more perks by clicking here. It has been decided that the Fishing Skill Cape that would have the following perk: Your skill with the harpoon makes you really great at timing your throws. 5% chance to catch two fish at once when harpoon fishing. Does not award additional xp for the second fish.

Credit: Summer

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