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The Pogberry Pie is a rare and valuable resource that quenches the undying hunger of angry, fat, pogberry dwarves. There is no stopping them.


Pogberry pie meme was first created in the 2009scape Discord by Celery:

This occured after user WhyDoThis attempted to sell a Redberry Pie in the GE for 50k (after making an extra for The Knight's Sword quest). General chat in game went crazy with pog memes and notes of that the Redberry Pie being listed for sale being “peak content” and the “reason they get up in the morning”.

Not all users initially took to the meme - some were vocal about it as well:

In reference to Celery's creation one user noted it was an “abomination”:

Still others took to it fondly:

In Game Myth's About Pogberry

Some users have begun a cult like following of Pogberries. A few events have been crashed where users were found hiding at the top of the White Knight's Castle in Falador wearing H.A.M robes and dancing atop redberries they dropped while eating redberry pies.

Other users have called the practice of pogberry worship “degenerate” and “deeply disturbing”. One user is quoted as saying: “I wish those mountain dew drinking nerds would lay off the pog so hard and get real jobs”. A movement has begun to ban the redberry pie and redberry item in game but the dev team has yet to respond to such requests (mainly because it is a stupid request).

Some players believe that pogberry pies are a real in game item that is a rare drop that requires a multitude of secret steps to get as a drop. This has spread into wild conspiracy theories and combing over the open source code base of 2009scape. When pressed for comment the dev team simply said “yes” the item does exist with a meme:

Dwarf-Gnome Relations

It is prophesied that when a certain user is provided with a Pogberry Pie, along with several yet-undeciphered other items unknown to Gielinor, the user will bring balance to the political climate between Dwarves and Gnomes. It is said that this event will bring about the redevelopment of a classic Gnomish past-time thought lost to the ages.

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