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 **Welcome to the 2009scape wiki!** **Welcome to the 2009scape wiki!**
-There's plenty of pages that need to get made so feel free to get started at any time!+This is a community wiki written and maintained by the community. I would love to see people add to this and use this as a reference for guides that are 2009scape related vs 2009 RS.
-What follows is list of pages that need to be ported from the 2009scape website+If you are wondering where to start you can check out some skill guides that involve 2009scape not copy paste from another website. We want originality not plagiarism inside the community
-  * Agility Skill Guide - +
-  * Wolf Whistle page - +
-  * Priest in Peril page - +
-  * Waterfall Quest page - +
-  * Jatizso page - +
-  * Neitiznot page - +
- +
-Skill guides can be added [[skill_guides|Here.]]+
 +If you are coming here confused by the lack of pages and are wondering how to find content on 2009 RS check out our discord bot Zanik using a command called *wiki or you can just go to the RS wiki site, go to the page you want to search up, and click the history button. On most mobile devices you'll need to be in a desktop mode.
 ==== Reference for writing new pages ==== ==== Reference for writing new pages ====
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 ==== Current Wiki Highlights ==== ==== Current Wiki Highlights ====
   * [[skill_guides|Skill Guides]]   * [[skill_guides|Skill Guides]]
 +  * [[area_guides|Area Guides]]
   * [[activity_guides|Activity Guides]]   * [[activity_guides|Activity Guides]]
   * [[quest_guides|Quest Guides]]   * [[quest_guides|Quest Guides]]
   * [[miscellaneous_guides|Miscellaneous Guides]]   * [[miscellaneous_guides|Miscellaneous Guides]]
   * [[pogberry_pie|Pogberry.]]   * [[pogberry_pie|Pogberry.]]
 +  * [[project_policies|Project Policies.]]
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