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This is a sitemap over all available pages ordered by namespaces.

  • achievement_guidesplugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigAchievement Diary Guides

    Below is a list of the available Achievement Diaries.

    * Lumbridge Diary * Seers' Village Diary * Falador Diary * Fremennik Diary * Karamja Diary * Varrock Diary
  • activity_guidesplugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigActivity Guides


    * All Fired Up * Pest Control * Fight Pits * Fight Caves * Fishing Trawler * Puro-Puro * Barrows

    Other Activities

    * Treasure Trails * Shooting Stars * Penguin Hide and Seek
  • miscellaneous_guidesplugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigMiscellaneous Guides

    * Moneymaking
  • pogberry_pieplugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigHistory

    The Pogberry Pie is a rare and valuable resource that quenches the undying hunger of angry, fat, pogberry dwarves. There is no stopping them.


    Pogberry pie meme was first created in the 2009scape Discord by Celery:

    This occured after user WhyDoThis attempted to sell a Redberry Pie in the GE for 50k (after making an extra for The Knight's Sword quest). General chat in game went crazy with pog memes and notes of that the Redberry Pie being listed for sale being
  • project_policiesplugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigProject Policies


    This page will serve to document all created and discussed policies about the project, including the live server. These can include policies developers have to follow, as well as policies staff have about the project and the game that must be maintained, including by the owners of the project.
  • quest_guidesplugin-autotooltip__default* Wolf Whistle
  • skill_guidesplugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigSkill Guides


    * Skill Cape Perks

    Combat Skills

    * Melee * Ranged * Magic * Prayer * Summoning

    Gathering Skills

    * Woodcutting * Fishing * Farming * Mining * Thieving * Hunter

    Processing Skills

    * Crafting * Fletching * Runecrafting * Smithing * Herblore * Cooking

    Misc Skills

    * Construction * Agility * Slayer * Firemaking
  • startplugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigReference for writing new pages

    Welcome to the 2009scape wiki!

    There's plenty of pages that need to get made so feel free to get started at any time!

    What follows is a list of pages that need to be ported from the 2009scape website:

    * Agility Skill Guide - * Priest in Peril page -
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