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Halloween 2021

2009scape is celebrating our second Halloween! The 2021 Halloween event was the first planned one for 2009scape. The event takes place in Draynor where the Grim Reaper is back to his old tricks!


The main focus of the event as Grim says that he needs candy and you need to go around to each npc to gather candies.


As the name suggest you go around and you find certain npcs to trick-or-treat and if they are feeling nice which most of the time they were they gave you a piece of candy. You are able to collect only five a day. If you try to get more the npc will tell you that they were informed that you have already collected the five for the day.


The fun feature where there was a 1/20 chance to get tricked and teleported out!

Halloween Shop

By talking to the Grim reaper you were able to access his small little dialogue store. He was a selling a few items in exchange for candies that you got while trick-or-treating.

Raven Staff : This staff is unique to 2009scape to the 2021 Halloween Event. Only time to get it was during this event. The staff cost 40 pieces of candy

Trick Emote : The emote is shown below in the photos of the bats surrounding a player. Unlike the Raven staff this emote can be obtained every Halloween. This year the emote cost 10 pieces of candy.

Discord Role

You could head over to the temporary Halloween channel and post a picture below for a new role! Spook-Tacular 2021 Role


Update History

18 October 2021

Credit: Summer

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