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Draynor Village

Draynor ( Dray-Nor ) is the festive village of 2009scape.

Getting There

  • Use your home teleport ( In 2009scape, there is no limit on how many times you can use it.
  • Cabbage Teleport with the Explorer Ring 3 earned from completing all of the achievements in Lumbridge.


  • A bunch of stalls for theiving
  • A Great Place for Willow Chopping
  • Early level fishing area
  • Master Farmers to pickpocket


Back in 2009 RS, you had a bright village of Draynor. It had the 2009 RuneTek 4 engine so it did not have the capabilities that it has today.

As you see, the light sky filled with fog was how the village used to be which was bright and full of life. Further down I will post some more pictures of Draynor Village. The village was founded by Count Draynor which was a vampire of House Drakan that was banished to Morytania. He was forced to flee from Morytania and took residence in a manor which he named Draynor Manor


Draynor Village has one bank located near the willows off the coast. It is conveniently located by a few Oak trees and a pickpocket area which makes it a great place overall.



Diango - Owns a Toy Shop but also gives you back your holiday items. He's very special in 2009scape!
Morgan - The npc you talk to when starting Vampire Slayer.

Holiday Events

Draynor is the home of our famous Holiday event that took place in 2021 and possibly future events as well! It was slightly redecorated with a few pumpkins and the grim reaper.

Check this event out more hereplugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigHalloween 2021

2009scape is celebrating our second Halloween! The 2021 Halloween event was the first planned one for 2009scape. The event takes place in Draynor where the Grim Reaper is back to his old tricks!


The main focus of the event as Grim says that he needs candy and you need to go around to each npc to gather candies.


Credit: Summer

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