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Community Accounts


  • Do not attempt to change the password.
  • Do not log on and steal items from the accounts.
  • If you put gear from a main/alt on the accounts, it is at your own risk. (Someone may die/sell it)
  • Do not de-iron the Ironman community account, or you may be banned.



  • Username: 09 RS
  • Password: password
  • Creation Date: 7/31/2022
  • username: szumaster
  • password: 2009scape
  • creation date: 30/03/2009
  • username: szumaster5
  • password: 2009scape
  • creation date: 30/03/2376

Regular (Troll Account)

  • Username: A Lummy Gf
  • Password: password
  • Creation Date: 5/06/2024



  • Username: 09 Iron
  • Password: account
  • Creation Date: 7/31/2022


  • Username: 09 Iron1x
  • Password: account
  • Creation Date: (before) 5/20/2022

Hardcore Ironman


  • Username: H C 2009
  • Password: account
  • Creation Date: 16/12/2022


  • Username: Community
  • Password: password
  • Creation Date: 11/01/2019

Ultimate Ironman

  • Username: 09 Ultimate
  • Password: account
  • Creation Date: 29/03/2023


Who may use the Communitiy Accounts?

Anyone may use the community accounts at any given time, for whatever reason they choose.

What are the Community Accounts?

The Community Accounts are accounts that are accessible by all players of 2009Scape.

These accounts are shared amongst players for whatever purpose of use they may find.

What about something else?


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Welcome to 2009Scape wiki!

This is a community wiki written and maintained by the community. Please help expand the wiki, especially if you can help document the differences between 2009scape and RuneScape as it was in January 2009. We are seeking original and new 2009scape content, please don't copy paste irrelevant OSRS/RS3 content.

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